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SEO News For July 2018

  • Moving to https makes your website more secure. However, that transition needs to be handled with care.
  • The mobile first index is coming, so there is still time to make your website mobile friendly.
  • Google says it changed the way it this about the Panda algorithm
  • Has there been a major Google update in September 2017?

What Is It?

Escort SEO (Escort Search Engine Optimisation) is application of a targeted online marketing campaign. This is conducted for a researched set of search phrases (keywords) They represent specific specific aspects of an escort service or escort. The online escort industry is getting highly competitive, especially for agencies. It is a fact that major search engines provide a convenient avenue for millions of people to search for escort services. Websites want to be positioned highly on them so they can generate web traffic. The better quality the web traffic, the higher probability of that converting into successful booking. The majority of escort SEO specialists focus on Google as it is the most widely used search engine. It is never an overnight success story and people who claim to rank fast are not professional. It is a brilliant long term online marketing solution for your escort website. Lots of escort service providers thousands of pounds on paid advertisements. This is usually an ongoing cost that they have to factor in. When you do not get the traffic to your website through advertising, then SEO is the long term survival plan. However some agencies leave it too late and then have to close due to lack of generated business.

There are nay escort SEO companies pooping up on the web. This is a direct correlation to the increase in the number of escorts and agencies. You have to really do your research to see who is the best. Key clues to good companies are proven track records, current ranking examples and testimonials from clients that you can verify. Apart from Google, Bing and Yahoo are also big search engines. Some escort SEO specialists seem to dismiss them as being unimportant. Which is a big mistake as if you can get consistent, targeted high quality web traffic fro other sources, you should. Prices for this type of specialist ,marketing varies dramatically.; Some charge per keyword, per page of content or hours worked.

Key factors about good escort SEO are:

  1. A good understanding of guidelines of major search engines and how to follow them exactly.
  2. The ability to write good content consistently.
  3. Professional on page optimisation and use of tags. Avoiding keyword stuffing and ensuring elements on the page are implemented correctly.
  4. Building quality links in a responsible fashion so you do not get penalised by Penguin updates.
  5. Implementing a good site structure where pages can be easily followed and indexed.
  6. External factors like ensuring the website is on a good quality, fast web server.
  7. Making sure your escort website is mobile friendly for all mobile SEO requirements.
  8. Steps in place to combat negative SEO and plagiarism.
  9. The addition of on page features that enhance the quality of a page and the usability for web users.
  10. A detailed plan for on how to improve on keyword positions for the future.

The best specialist companies have proven track records and only use white hat escort SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimisation For Escorts

The agencies and escort services that make it on the web through SEO, stick at it. It is not a overnight success story. There are so many aspects to a successful online marketing campaign, that choosing the right SEO company is the first major decision. The ones with the best proven track record and best practices are often held under contract to not take any more clients on. Well it makes sense. If you are an agency with an escort SEO expert that is getting you the best rank - would you want them doing that for somebody else? Understanding key elements of the online market you compete in and what search engines expect, is essential. Everybody wants top positions on Google for example. So strong, well written, original content is the spine of the website. Accumulating the right type of links, of the perfect quality and the optimum rate of link building is an art form. Many websites have been penalised for link spamming and buying paid links in a bid to artificially boost their page rank.

Search Engines

Google has made a series of changes to their algorithm. 2014 has seen some unconfirmed updates to the 'serps' that some people think have diminished the quality of results. Some think that the quality of the results pages have improved; especially giving bloggers more prominence. On-site optimisation has now taken precedence over the traditional link building in the escort market. Site structure is important. It is important search engines can access all pages of your website easily. so if they are 3 or four clicks area, then you are not giving that page a chance. Meta data has become a factor. It has usually gone through the perceptions over the years that at one stage it wasn't that important, to now becoming a vital component of on-page SEO. There are some basics that you have to ensure are in place. Many people debate about the perfect length when writing length title tags and exact percentage for keyword density. Relevance, knowledge and ultimately common sense must come into play when implementing those.

Algorithms & Google Updates

One thing you have to be aware of is Google are always working on their algorithms. They are there to protect and maintain the quality of all search results. The most important to note are Panda (content related), Penguin (link building related) and the Hummingbird (quality and context). Panda 4.2 was recently said to have rolled out and it seems like it is progressing slowly. There seems to be a lot of low quality escort website ranking highly. Especially some websites who have scraped and stolen content from others. When an update is fully complete the landscape of where website rank, changes in a dramatic fashion. There are so many aspects about your website that when conducting escort search engine optimisation. Functionality and usability aspects should be of great importance. Things like page speed and website structure, again need to be handled with expertise.

Escort SEO Articles

First Call Escorts it is paramount to conduct white hat SEO at all times. It is also important for agencies to fully understand their web users needs and themselves as an agency. and web user needs. High quality content goes a long way to achieving a high rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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