Building Escort Links After Panda Update

Breaking News (September 7th 2017) Google says that it has changed the way it thinks about Panda. If it has the it certainly shows regarding links. All the top escort websites at the moment rank high on Google and they have all built mass low quality links. Does this means Google has abandoned it's policy on building high quality links?

It is safe to say that the Panda update affected many escort related sites who conducted a wide range of dubious link building strategies. Many agencies and independent websites signed up for a wide range of three way link building schemes. Many paid link building companies and obscure SEO companies. The ones where they promised thousands of links. However these were from low quality, often damaging sites with dubious link profiles themselves. The result - quite simply demotion in the SERPs. Many thought signing up or paying for the mass building of links was the way forward. After penguin and panda hit, the way link building is handled is completely different. It goes back to the age old question. What cam first the chicken or the egg. Well what comes first post panda is content before links. If you write the content they will come..... Well in other words it is about writing quality, diverse content to attract a diverse range of relational high quality links.

One Way Link Building - Something for nothing. Can you get something for nothing. Well not normally. Unless your website has such quality and high esteem that people would just link to you as they want to push their web visitors to your website, with no hint of asking for a link back. So why the rush in these one way links and why are so many SEO companies offering them. Well you have to buy them basically. It is a way many websites cheat their way to the top. Rather than earn that link through hard work, building a site where people want to visit and navigate. Making a web experience that is new and catching. They rather just buy the link and hope to get around Google. Some like taking the chance. They don;t regard hard work as a viable solution to their SERP problems.

What has happened to basic link exchanges?

Well in a way webmasters have been scared off. But why? Many adopted the wrong approach to reciprocal link building. They just linked to any site, regardless of the quality. Now there is nothing wrong with two high quality websites or websites f similar good quality linking to each other. That way there is a link from one goo site to another. It is about understanding the relevance of links to Google. Quality websites linking to quality websites are OK. It is when there is just a blitz of simple minded linking to the whole world, any website will do attitude that the major search engine seems to frown upon it.

No doubt many escort SEO companies have their own techniques and offer many different approaches to link building post panda. However links are important. Let that solid foundation be writing and producing unique quality content. Get people reading and visiting your website for the experience. The links will come. They will be whole lot better than last time around.