One Way Link Building - Escort SEO

(September 9th 2017) Google released some news on how it has changed its way of thinks about Panda. It is cleat that websites currently that rank high are. All the top escort websites at the moment rank high and have built low quality one way links.

The key buzz term in the escort SEO community and many SEO companies incorporate it is "one way links". A one way link is deemed by many as being one of the most effective form of link exchange . The other key aspect is the PR (Page Rank). It is deemed the highest quality and indication that your website is a highly trusted and informative site in the market when that one way link comes from a site with a high PageRank value. Yes, indeed it all seems good - however there is one major problem. How are you going to convince these sites to link to you? If you are just starting an escort SEO campaign then you have little or no value to the site in question. Why are they going to give you something for nothing. You won;t in reality get a high quality website linking to you, especially if there is no reciprocal link involved. In theory one way link building is excellent, in building up the quality and authority of your website; but in practice it is impossible. Many SEO companies in the escort market promise all these one way links they can build you. However you have to seriously question the quality of these websites. They are not going to be the top sites in the market and probably of a low standard .... most will do more harm than good. They may link to harmful sites and then in effect, all it takes is a another Google Penguin update, and say goodbye to your position in the SERPs.

The Trickery Of Some Websites

For listings on free escort directories there is usually a requirement for independent and escort agency websites. That requirement is to place the banner of the directory on their front page (home page). Most are happy to do so, but when you see many websites listed on directories and check their home page - the directory's banner is missing? So what is happening? Well there is a general assumption going round that many websites get a free listing, stick the escort directory's banner on, then remove it after a week. So they act like they have put the banner on as a permanent deal. Often they will 'email' and notify that they have placed the banner on. Then leave it two weeks and removing. So if their own link remains on the other site; then they have built a one way link. Dishonest? Yes! Creative? Maybe. A long term tactic? Surely not!

Against Paid Escort Links

So as you are not going to get something for nothing in this day... many agencies simply buy their way to linking success. Top quality links are like gold dust and they won't be parted with for nothing. Knowing this there is a secret, yet growing practice in the escort market of many agencies simply buying top quality one way links. Now many seem this as unfair as they have not earned the link, rather purchased it. The essence of major search engines, is you earn you way to the top fairly with good, hard, honest, quality SEO. So people simply buying links, is an unfair practice.

It can be easily argued that the majority of one way links do have a price attached to them. Some can be relatively cheap and mostly sold by directories and blogs. Others can come at a higher price if they are a very big directory of even an agency site.