Paid Escort Links - Bad SEO Practice

Look everybody has to make a living but selling rubbish paid links has to stop. It's crazy as in the past these crap paid links would damage websites (especially with a Penguin update). Today it seems to put sites on page one. It is just a sick joke. One of the most alarming things about the marketing and SEO aspects of the escort market is the growing tradition for sites to engage in paid escort links. This is when an independent, escort agency, directory or escort related site, purchases a link from another site, so they can feature on that website for a price. We see this as very unfair to websites, including ours, who practice good SEO and build up links naturally and try to strengthen and network by ensuring our site is rich in content and we can offer a link exchange to a site where is is conducted on merit, from 2 rich informational sites, that add further benefit to the market. Paid escort links is cheating. It is like buying your way into the top. You have not earned linking with a highly ranked site.

The sad aspect of the paid escort links trend is it is bad SEO practice for everybody involved, it weakens the market and weakens major search engines. The whole point to professional online networking, is to maintain the richness of site. Search engines benefit from the results they produce are fair and informative. The respective market improves as 2 reputable sites linking to each other naturally can benefit users from each site. Also both sites can grow and as they have networked can further enhance the market, their sites and add a more dynamic aspect to everything.

When you purchase a link everybody loses. The site being paid devious itself. which is a shame as they probably used good SEO practice to get there and now they are selling their soul for a price. Competitor sites who use only good SEO practice are demotivated, angry and lose out in the rankings. There are paid link penalties but on our opinion, we have not seen this enforced in a market; especially a market that has the good, the bad and the damn right illegal.

What people should do is embrace the "white hat" SEO practices as there is so much more to benefit from "black hat". They will start to realise how much potential their website has and using good practices, they can start to improve the quality of their escort website, plus attract others of high quality to link to them. They should draw up a comprehensive list of link building strategies to see which one is the best.

So everybody that was trying these black hat techniques, since the Google Panda and Penguin updates have been frantically trying to clean up their act. Webmasters are frantically putting a disavow on links they bought, as they know their game is up. Reconsideration requests flying into Google, in a short space of time afterwards. How many people find that their reconsideration request is successful? Cleaning up these questionable escort links then putting in a request; isn't that just admitting you were doing wrong?

We would love for good escort SEO practice to return to the internet, especially the escort market. Say NO to paid escort links!!!