Escort Link Building Strategies

Many escorts and agencies have websites to promote their services on the web. It is a very competitive market online, especially in London and many choose SEO as a way to build up their prominence and exposure on major search engines. Linking is an integral part of SEO for agencies, but there are so many mistakes that can be made will conducting building links for their escort website. Many people look to professional 'webmasters' and SEO 'webmasters' to oversee the link strategy. This is because if you build links not in accordance to search engine guidelines you can see your website demoted or penalised for having very low quality and harmful links. So learning about the importance of who you link to, the relevance they have in regards to the market and how that link will be beneficial to your web users are vitally important. Recently the Penguin 3.0 was rolled out in October 2014. Some escort websites had to be effected if they are not building links in the correct way. Suffering a hit from one of these updates can be catastrophic So you can safeguard your website by following good link building practices. If you haven't you should perform an audit on your links to your escort website. Remove any that are of low quality. It is better to have a few good quality links than hundreds of poor quality ones.


Top 5 Escort Link Strategy Tips:

Here are some tips that you may find useful in acquiring good quality links.

  1. Write Quality Content - you do not have to always go actively looking to build high quality links to your escort website. They can come to you. One way to achieve that is to write quality content. There escort market is diverse and there are so many interesting talking points and issues to write about. Many directly relate to an escort service you may be providing. Research about the latest trending topics and write something expansive and informative. You may be able to provide information fro a new perspective, thus providing real quality information. Other top online resources may want to link to your website and that page / article as you provide such good information.
  2. 100% Do not go linking or posting on non relational websites, blogs, free business directories etc. It is a sure fire way to see your website plummet down the ranks. if you haven't had to earn that link then it is of no value. Like anything in life, the value comes from hard work and quality. Websites can recognise that and will link to you on that basis.
  3. Mix it Up - If you provide fetish escort services then look to link with them. If you provide a diverse range of services make sure your links share the same diversity. There will be niche areas that you should look to provide the beat online features and information on. Other top websites in that niche will want to link or be more open to a beneficial link exchange.
  4. Do Your Research - Vital. Research the site that you want to put your link on. That way to can see if they are suitable. Linking to sites deemed as link farms or of very poor quality can have a very bad effect on your website quality to search engines.
  5. Quality Over Quantity - It is better to build 5 quality links then 50 low quality ones. Don't just put your link out there with another website for the sake of it.

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