Escort SEO Services

Over the past 5 years the number of escort agency and independent escort websites has grown dramatically on the internet. There has been a surge of independents especially, with many people looking to escorting to solve their financial worries, during the recession. The internet has proven to be the most accessed forum for the escort market and has become rather competitive online. Thousands of people search foe escort services online; their first port of call usually being a major search engine. So there has also been a big rise in escort SEO companies providing search engines optimastion for escorts. Over the last 3 years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of agencies using escort SEO to market their website on the internet. Being page one for a relational keyword term to the services they showcase can provide much bookings for them. There are many escort directories escorts and agencies like to advertise on, but in terms of a long term marketing goal; SEO is important to really establish themselves.

Here are some of the aspects escort SEO services provide:

1) One Page Optimisation

With Panda updates in the past and and never ending list of guidelines to follow, one thing you have to ensure that the quality of your page is perfect. This means finding an escort SEO service that has a proven track record and examples of ensuring the page, keyword density and content structure of the page is good. Major search engines are looking at areas like on page user experience; never forgetting well, structured, high quality written content. With so many on page elements to consider the top SEO companies take this aspect very seriously.

2) Escort Content Writing

The golden rule to follow always, is writing high quality content. Without it, one way or another your website will suffer in the rankings. There are many escort SEO services that offer this service for a certain amount of pages and keywords per month. Many overseas companies (especially in India) are heavily marketing their escort content writing skills. Some overseas services are cheap, but not many to date have marketed highly placed escort websites for UK based agencies.

3) Article Writing

The majority of SEO companies in this market are into article writing. This is where they pick a topic - whether it's about your service or the market; then write an article about it. This tactic can be hot or miss as it really depends if the subject matter is really appealing or interesting. The idea of writing hundreds upon hundreds of articles on the escort market seems a little impractical as there are not hundred s of new topics to cover. The best services only produce articles every other week, or monthly.

4) Link Building

Link building online for any market is an important, sometimes crucial element of SEO. With the Penguin update, many websites got penalised for very stupid link building tactics. So beware of escort SEO services who say they are going to build you hundreds or thousands of links. That will surely make your website a target for a penalty from a major search engine like Google, as quality always beats quantity, when it comes to link building.

5) Research and Site Diagnosis

As factors online and SEO certainly change from time to time, research is the only thing that is going to keep you up to speed. If not your website is sure to drop in rankings and not maintain it's position. So the key is to ensure that you have strategy in place and that comes with research. One of the first things a top escort SEO company will do is evaluate the current state of your website. Giving you an overview to how compatible it is with major search engines.

There are many companies and individuals who claim they can get your escort website top of the search engines, but it seems only a handful have the capability of doing so.