Mobile Friendly Escort Websites

In many countries including the UK, mobile devices have exceed desktop PC's when it comes to surfing the web. any people have smart phones and tablets. With fast Wi-Fi speeds, 3G and 4G, surfing the web has never been easier. Accessing the internet via your mobile device has become so common these days. It is convenient and you will also find a bit more discreet. So what does this mean for the escort market? Well it means that a high percentage of their visitors are now going to be accessing their website via mobile devices. So their website has to incorporate those users. Some escort related websites have made that transition. Others are still in the stage of planning an upgrade. Well in regards to SEO, one things is key; come what any people say April 21st, everything will change. Well everything will change for mobile search. Now you can try this yourself. Test any URL for an escort website for it's mobile friendliness by going to If you think about it, the vast majority of escort websites that are established where made in an era before mobile search. So lots of independents and escort agency websites will have to adapt. Worse cas scenario is any of them have to get brand new websites created.

How Can You Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly

Chances are you did not design or code your escort website yourself. So you probably got a web designer to make one for you. most likely your escort agency was a CMS based system. So your web designer should look at ways of giving you an upgrade for that system that directly relates to mobile friendliness. Obviously web designers have to balance their creativity and innovation, against web usability. Your website functionality is essential, but you have to understand the most important person is the web user. You may have to sacrifice some visual design elements, to ensure usability and functionality are perfect for mobile users. ow this is hard for some website owners as they are very particular, when it comes to how their website looks. However with Google update that many SEO experts say could be bigger than Panda or Penguin - why take that chance?

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