Dangers Of Link Schemes Escort Websites

If you are promoting an escort service and you have signed up to a link scheme, you have to be aware of the mountain of pitfalls that you can encounter. So read on. You may have joined one yourself or you have enlisted a company who have informed you they have enlisted your website on one. The vast majority of link schemes are a complete waste of your time. From an SEO point of view it will certainly wipe you out for most keywords and demote your site accordingly. Why? Because link building should be a natural process. Build an informative website and reputable websites in your market will come to your for links. So if you have been promised the hundreds or even thousands of links, remember - choose quality over quantity. Study every potential link exchange and if you are part of a link scheme, get out of it today. Quit it.

The Reasons Why They are No Good

1) The sites that you link with will almost always be of the lowest quality. You don't get rewarded in the SERPS for linking to hundreds of low quality websites.

2) Some of these website may be linked to other spam orientated ones, or may be a link farm itself. You will get penalized on major search engines for linking to link farms.

3) Most websites in these schemes ar3e oft carbon copies of each other. Some are not even relational. So linking or posting on non-relational sites only brings down the quality of your own.

4) If you are getting somebody to manage the link scheme then you have no control over the process. Always be in some level of control to who is linking to you.

5)The Google Penguin update has confirmed this. You will be unwise not to heed the warning.

Recent Google Updates 2012 - (Panda & Penguin)

Google has been updating their algorithm the most times in 2012 then in any other year. With so many changes SEO experts and webmasters have had to keep up. Their quality guidelines are quite clear when it comes to ink building. It should be natural and diverse. So if you have been blitzing low quality links for a long time. then it is time to put an end to it. You may have to remove them and start all over again. There is a link removal option for people who desperately need come removal ... a disallow tag option as well.

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