Is Writing Escort Articles Bad SEO Practice?

For those conducting SEO for escort agencies, directories and even independent escort websites, it is a very competitive market online. The aim is to rank as high as possible (page 1) on all major search engines. From content creation, link building and aspects of social media marketing, another box to tick for some is article creation. Now ask yourself this question. Have you ever seen or read an escort based article and thought, it was a good one? The first point to make is that if you are going to write an article, it has to be informative, fresh and meaningful. Nowadays you read an escort article and it is borderline comical. They have weird titles and have little or nothing to do about any relevant subject matter. For example (and this is a made up title by the way) they might as well write "how London escorts can help you tie up your shoelaces". It is on that level that some article writers are on. There is no real thought or research into a subject matter that has any relevance to the escort market. Nobody will be interested in it. Now there are some people who think, well why do escorts or agencies need to write articles. What is there to talk about. Even to the point of why would they even need a press release? Well there are so many interesting talking points and issues surrounding the escort market that people would like to hear about. The only thing is nobody seems to be writing about them.

Writing About Relevant Subjects
If it isn't relevant then you should not write about it. You have to look at the escort market, research, see the latest talking points in the news etc It is just having the same mentality if you are building links. It is better to have two well written, well researched articles about the escort market then write 100 low quality ones. Well what is the one thing that has been forgotten so far? Yes, you have guessed right, the end user who will be actually reading the content. Spare a thought for them. They may land on the page thinking this is something really interesting to read; only to be bitterly disappointed. Escort SEO has to be better than this, as it will just be a laughing stock.

Article Submissions
It is not just about that you write but where you submit the article to. forget submission software. What is so frustrating to see is when you come across a website that has nothing to do with the escort market and then you find an escort related article on it. Do you think people on a real estate blog or health and fitness website are really looking for information about escorts. It just seems an air of laziness has crept into SEO for this market and it just makes everything, again look totally unprofessional.

Here are some "do's" and "don'ts" when it comes to writing / submitting articles:


  1. Research the subject matter. Look at the latest events in the media, search through escort forums and message boards. If conducting SEO for an escort agency then think of important talking points or changes.
  2. Write quality content and don't focus so much on quantity. Set yourself a small target and make sure each article you write is informative.
  3. Submit your article to a relevant website. Make sure it is relational to the subject matter.


  1. Copy or rewrite other articles. It is bad SEO practice, unfair to the person who wrote it and think of the people who are going to read it.
  2. For the sake or writing loads of articles compromise on quality.
  3. Blast your content out everywhere and anywhere on the internet. If you put it on non-relational websites it is a poor way of promoting that content.

Remember quality beats quantity every time. Think and research what you are going to write about. Think about the person reading it.