Escort Websites Posting Links Online

One thing that is more annoying than finding a fly in your soup, is finding a link to an escort website - on a completely non-relational website. You can be just browsing any typical website talking about general matters, a lively discussion board on a general online forum. You could even be checking the latest team news on a sports website. You could be having a a good time reading all the comments on a forum or blog, then you see something that irritates. Another London agency who have snuck in there to post a comment, just so they can get the URL of their website somewhere. It seems that nowadays anywhere will do for these websites. They could not care one bit that posting a link for an escort agency on a non adult website is inappropriate. They do not even mention that if anyone clicks on the link they could be taken to a website with adult content. All they care about is blasting their website address as any places as they can. Some actually get creative and wrap text around the link, so it does not appear like a web address. Well you really got us there; however not everyone is fooled. You cannot fool Google and that is one entity you really have to impress. Stop guest blogging. It is irritating and is bad for the health of your website. You wait for a google Penguin update to come along and then drop your website down the search results. However month after month, some websites do just not get it.

What Is The Correct Way?

Well if you want to ensure that you are posting links correctly, you have to have something on the forefront of your mind. That is one question - "do you have the best interest of your web users / visitors in mind?". Is this link being here on this particular website, going to benefit the web user and ultimately your escort website? Well touching upon an earlier point, it is all to do with, is it relational. An escort website should really be only posting links on other escort orientated websites. The only slight deviation allowed really, are websites to do with adult entertainment possibly. The link should be posted in a medium that is purposeful and relevant. So for example if you post on an escort directory forum in a section to do with fetish escort services, then the link should correspond to that section on your website. So by taking it up another level it's best to coin the term 'directly relational'. You may have a whole section on your website to do with that niche, so link directly to it. The link will come in the framework of text. So the information you supply along with the link has to be informative. So only post on websites if you have a relevant section for that niche, or your website does encompass the niche itself. It is like a UK escort agency posting on a French escort directory. There is no immediate direct benefit to the web user or the website in question.


What you should never do is just spam your link on the internet. Now you could think you are being clever by posting them on relational websites to do with escorting. However by flooding the website with your link, it will give you no real benefit. If you can just go on any website and post a link in under a minute, then that link is next to being worthless. Anything in life with value has to be earned. Web links are no exception to that rule. You have not earned that link. You couldn't post a high value link on a high value website, just like that. The best way to post links, is to get a quality website to post it for you on their website. It is like the whole mentality of a business mind. Your best sales people are going to be your customer. They will tell people just how great you are. So you should focus on creating an informative, content rich, feature rich and innovative website. That will inspire really good websites to post your link on their escort website. Like a famous martial artist said once in a movie, the "art of fighting without fighting". This is the art of "posting without posting".

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