The Birth Of The Online Escort Industry

(Article - 02/06/2021)

How Did It All Start?
Today's society is fuelled by the technological advancements over the past decades. It's rapid growth has caused an explosion of information which has revolutionised finance, relationships and travel. This has revolutionised the mindset of many people. It is a fast paced world where everything seems to be accessible by a click of the button. So human interactions have taken a completely new framework where many people have limited time meeting new people. The divorce rate has reached an all time high and many people date higher number of partners over their lifetime. So in terms of professions, especially for women they feel more in control and have many more employment opportunities. There has also been a bit of a sexual revolution over the past 50 years so women now feel more confident approaching men and dating outside marriage. Short term relationships are now normal as opposed to about half a century ago. Some say romance has faded away and people initially seek far more intense and spontaneous connections than the old fashioned way of courtship.

The birth of the internet provided a way for people to connect to information at the click of a cursor. If you can click to information instantly, then couldn't you connect to people in the same manner? Well, today we can click and connect with people in seconds. Online dating and personal introduction services exploded on the web and enabled people t make faster connections. Taking away the need for people to make in-person introductions. It has formed an invisible barrier but also connected a virtual bridge between and for people. One can say the down side is when strangers make connections the need to be physically present is essential. The tones of peoples voice, facial expressions and body language, as well as their physical presence proving the best way to form a connection with somebody. Also, many say the most viable way to make a judgment on somebody initially. But it comes downs to peoples needs and wants. People have condensed themselves to becoming a profile picture, a set of measurements and text characters, describing themselves in a short biography. But today are we more than just a number, reference codes and text characters. It is strange but intriguing how other aspects of society and culture can have a ripple affect on other non-relational areas.
Sometimes the diluting of certain aspects of life can dilute others. But this can can the flip-side affect of concentrating other areas and that forming a concentration throughout life. A direct example in the context of this article technology and how today we have become a list of text characters on a database. So information about ourselves in the digital world is not a huge jump from that. So being a 'digital' profile is not uncommon. Dating or work profiles, they are part of the same digital medium. So people are used to connecting to people digitally. Yes, we have come to the essential part and the final piece in the jigsaw of our digital world.
So answer this question. Do you connect to people online? Oh you do, do you! Well, it is isn't a wild guess to intelligently speculate that you may have at least once in your life connected to somebody via the web. Maybe that time has been an escort? And probably not a far stretch to say you have corresponded via email or text. OK, now its getting warmer, how about maybe you have reconnected with somebody via a website? OK. You have haven't you! Social media? Yes, bingo.

Making Connections Online - Maybe Some Escort Related Ones

Making connections with people is what we do everyday on out lives. But some connections are far more important and necessary than others. When it comes to the companionship side of your life do you fall in any of the following categories?

  • An individual who has a social media account?
  • An individual with an online work profile?
  • An Individual with an online dating/app dating profile?
  • An individual who has gone on a blind date?
  • An individual who doesn't mind casual dating?

In addition are you?.....

  • - An individual who has an open mind and is comfortable with it?
  • - An individual who has an open mind but isn't comfortable with it?

Well, you probably fall into at least one and maybe more of the above categories (which were non-relational so don't worry) So the online/digital world serves a purpose in your life. And it it doesn't currently you are probably on the fringes of it becoming a major factor in your life. So unless you are a hermit who basically locks themselves away in their own little world you probably don't mind interacting with other humans. And that interaction is key to your happiness, lifestyle and goals (short or long-term.)
So a huge jump... as this article has been a bit low key intense and fabulously slightly disjointed (but amazingly worded and descriptive). You may want to meet somebody online. And well no judgment you may or may not be in a relationship or marriage. Seriously no judgment but a the same time no condoning. Again, to keep up with the spirit of this article of keeping you on your toes, answer the following questions?

  • Are you single and looking to meet somebody?
  • Are you currently in a relationship but still want to meet somebody?
  • Do you value the companionship experiences and connections in your life?
  • Do you have specific companionship related reasons for meeting somebody?
  • Are you are an adventurous person?
  • Are you an adventurous person but also somebody who likes to have privacy?
  • (Do you like London escorts?)

Well, again you probably fall in at least one or more categories, but hopefully this article is starting to make you think.
The irony today is many are looking to make personal connections in the most impersonal ways. But time is of the essence as we have less time these days and efficiency is everything. If something can be done in an instant as opposed to a week, we often choose the instant, whatever comes attached with it.

Wait, Can You Create An Escort Business On The Internet?

The internet was founded on connecting people to information at an instant. So in that spirit, came the birth of e-commerce. This is where businesses and individuals thought, hold on a sec, we can actually sell service and products on the web. So came a wave of the most basic, not aesthetically pleasing websites where people could buy anything at a few clicks of a button. Fast forward to today with the advancements in web media, technology, creativity and basic enhancements in delivering online services. We are now living in an environment where setting up an online business in any format or capacity is a paint by numbers, pre-packaged, YouTube tutorial led process where you can set up a website with no web design experience. Obviously there are specific areas of professionalism and expertises which can enable people to build very lucrative online business (but that is for another article). You get the position the world is at.....Today, the world has the online esort industry!

Let us connect the dots... we have established humans have needs and one key need is interaction. Whatever their mindset or personality they have a way to connect to other humans at the click of a button. This birthed the online dating industry which is a cross section of people looking to connect in others for a wide range of reasons (some of those reasons are certainly eyebrow raising...well it depends where you are coming from). OK. We have established that; park that brilliantly formed conclusion for a moment. Now we have established we are used to being i the digital world (well, we are on so many databases, if you are not used to it, then where have you been?)... that has made it acceptable to put ourselves online in the format of pictures, videos and text. So an online dating profile is as common as having a juicer or gym membership. Lifestyles and mindsets have changed. Certain aspects of society and culture have changed making it less taboo for people to date and even date multiple partners. Click the the sexual liberation tick box (especially for women). Wow, you have a powder keg of different people providing an exciting mix of potential new connection making.

So take the online business platform provided by the web, sprinkle on the current digital environment and then add the fact that people want to connect. WOW. And just out of interest completely unrelated we do have a WOW Factor section providing an in-depth online portfolio of amazing escorts. Well, it does tie in to everything. Anyway not to lose track (and if you have kept up so far, that is amazing, plus this article is brilliant), you know have people wanting to connect with each other and others understanding that and making online businesses to facilitate that. But wait.... yes another interjection.... we have the framework but the common denominator 'people', well they are interesting, aren't they....people. Everybody wants to connect for different reasons and under certain conditions. For online dating people usually have a preference (well some do, many just require that person to have a pulse) and that preference can be very intricate and specific.
But not everyone like the most intimate parts of their human interactions out there in the public domain of 'online'. And yes get your head out of the gutter, this part of the article is directly focusing on how people connect... not anything seedy (smh). Whilst many people will post a pic on their social media platform, usually something representing a fun aspect of their life, it is a very controlled thing - the control being the person posting is in control of the information they put out there. But when connecting with others you give up some of that control and enter into a new environment even within the digital world. If you are connecting meeting a complete stranger you may choose for that process to be a confidential one. Well, to the outside world anyway. So the key is discretion. Yes discretion is key where any online interaction is involved. Escort services often hold this as the most important aspect of it.

So online dating, yes this article has carefully pieced together everything to lead up until this point (and here comes some key facts... you got to have facts right)... online dating is great isn't it? Well one in 5 relationships today start through online dating. That is a lot of people stressing about what picture to display and what text to send and basically how can they creatively lie about themselves and still seem normal. Also, what is normal, but that is besides the point to my point. Online has many pros and cons but it seems it has worked for one in five people. Yes people have successfully used websites and apps to find people thy like (usually initially people they like the look of) and then traverse their way through fear, failure, triumph, texting under the influence of alcohol and seeing how many people would actually date them. When they find that one special person, it usually is after process of horror stories, tears, low level online stalking, reading a million articles looking for signs if the other person is scared of commitment and blocking and unblocking people and acting like nothing has happened. Well, the all is well that ends well. But if you are looking to avoid some of that, then you may look for a specific online service which enables you to enjoy the companionship of a fellow human being. Oh yes, companionship. Let us define what that means... which is a feeling of fellowship and friendship. That fellowship and friendship can take on whatever dynamics of the people involved. Fellowship and friendship could be going out for a few sambucas and both ending up in the same a & ward or maybe going for a stroll in the park and attending a local jazz club together. However you wish to connect, all you need is to master the process of matching with somebody who shares similar interests. Oooooh. Actually that part of the madness has been taken into consideration by business owners, companies, platforms and app technology. Algorithms and tick-boxes whittle many parameters together at lightening speed to match you to somebody who is rich, emotionally stable, emotionally aware, good looking, a leader, conservative, fruity, trustworthy, slightly less smart and obviously rich.... basically somebody who doesn't exist but you will settle for a few of those attributes if they are incredibly wealthy. Now jokes aside (and its probably difficult to imagine given this article), this has led to people wanting to connect with others under the framework of dating but that framework of dating is very diverse and different given what end of the spectrum you are looking at. Taboos become websites and you can meet somebody new on the same day, or even within the same hour (depending on how urgent you need human interaction). The online escort market certainly accommodates for that.

So human interaction and companionship at the click of a button has framed many interesting online industries and niches within those industries.
So tada the online escort industry. What an article... the way it maneuvered to this point is considerably groundbreaking. Writers take note (but do not plagiarize as too many people have being doing that to this websites content for years)... This is where you will connect with your immediate dating needs in a world of s much choice. That choice has become an industry of websites which feature this service and also online forums and directories. It is a world of many different options and all you have to do is select your companionship option. Well, the process for some is that simple but for newbies, here is a brief description. You will have a certain companionship requirement and then a certain preference for who you would like to connect with as part of that companionship requirement. This can be focused on physical looks, personality, interests and also ah yes physical looks (was that mentioned?). Now that is a process which you can connect with on your computer, tablet or phone. Yes, you can connect to such specialist dating services while you are out and about (well maybe not, as you may wish to be discreet about your personal companionship needs). But you get the gist and that leads to the next point; convenience. Yes, you may require a date a short notice and one that fits into your busy life schedule. And if you have taken the time to read this article, then maybe you have a bit more time on your hands and should get back to work and stop playing on your phone. But you are busy and you dedicate time to find ways to connecting to people in the limited time you have.

Becoming An Escort... Anybody Can Do It. But Should They?

Escort Safety - The most mportant and only starting point....

When it comes to escort safety, our agency sees it as paramount that the safety of escorts should be the most talked about topic. Sadly, we live in a world full of danger and people think escorts are a soft target. If any escort has been subject to any abuse or attack, it is important for them to know they should report it to the relevant authorities. It understandably takes lots of courage to do such a brave thing. In that courage you show potentially it can help take dangerous people of the streets. Anybody over the age of 18 can become an independent escort. However, there are so many great potential risks which people are basically naive to and unaware of. From having good self-awareness, understanding the dangers of meeting strangers, understanding the potential dangers of existing clients, understanding what to avoid (scams etc), having common sense (not everybody has it) and having a really good and in-depth understanding of the online escort industry... without having that as a starting point... it wouldn't be advisable for anybody to become an escort. Your safety, your life is of the greatest importance.

Then you may be a potential escort client. Yes, you may be an individual who likes the convenience, choice, discretion and open-mindedness of the online escort industry. It may be a part of your life which you don't sing from the rooftops but are certainly comfortable in booking companionship only dates with escorts.

So there you go, a unique and informative look at how a particular specialist online dating industry happened.