Common Escort SEO Mistakes

When it comes to marketing your escort website, the internet has proven to be the most effective medium. With the birth of the internet and it's fast progression and the usage of major search engines, it has become a very competitive market online. There are countless escort directories, forums and message boards which agencies and independents like to promote themselves on. However the main goal for many is to get their website top of search engines like Google and Yahoo. That is often the first port of call for people who are looking for a wide range of escort services. Escort SEO has grown over the years to see many escort agencies focus on appearing within the search giants to gain targeted, consistent web traffic. There is so much competition between agencies and the aim for page 1 in the SERP's is a daily battle. There are common mistakes and pitfalls when conducting SEO, that many fall victim to. Here are the most common mistakes.

1) Trying To Do SEO Yourself

If you have for example a tooth ache then you go to the dentist. You feel a bit down, then the doctor is the first person you call. However when it comes to professional marketing and SEO, so many people think they can conduct it effectively and professionally themselves. This is common for all types of online markets and the escort one is no exception. If you don;t know how to correctly optimise your website, you will waste time and energy. It will not be productive for your website and you will actually end up doing more harm than good. With so many ranking factors you need to understand the criteria and guidelines to follow. So many have fallen foul to Penguin and panda updates. The people that actually put the time into learning a bit of SEO for the escort website then get caught up in terms like keyword density, link building etc. They then fail to understand how to build up good quality content, a website that provides good user experience and one with a good structure. So when Panda comes around and slaps their content or Penguin drops their site for some risky link building technique, it then starts to sink in that they actually need an escort SEO professional.

2) Choosing the Wrong Escort SEO company.

So if you have tried and failed yourself, then the next logical step is to find a company or professional that can optimise your website. However there are good and bad in all specialist fields. Some opt for those with no proven track record. There is no evidence online and especially on search engines that they have achieved good positions for keywords. They promise the world and to put you on hundreds and sometimes thousands of directories. They spin articles and generally do a lot of work, but it tends to be very ineffective. Time, money and energy are wasted once again. Choosing the right escort SEO company is vital. Don't try and cut costs and pick somebody who is cheap. In business you get what you pay for. Don't pay that much; don't expect that much back.

3) Risky Link Building Techniques

If you are under the impression that just building as many links to your website is the right way to go, then a major algorithm update should have put you in your place by now. It is about building quality links that are relational and beneficial to the website user. The best way to do that is to produce quality content that enables people to be impressed and come to you for a link exchange. That way you help build a quality resource and also attract web links.

4) Black Hat SEO

The dark arts when it comes to search engine optimisation. Many have tried, some have been successful for a short space of time but all one way or another has fallen foul. If your long term goal is to gain high web ranking positions that it defeats the purpose to use this SEO strategy. It will take months, even years to recover and by that time the lack of web traffic will have seriously effected your escort business. There is no overnight success story with SEO, just good old fashioned hard work every week, will help you achieve your goals.

5) Intermittent Marketing

How many people lose weight on a stop start diet? How many people get fit going to the gym every other month? So, how many escort websites achieve top ranking if they give their campaign a rest for a bit. It is all about momentum and having an website that is regularly updated and producing quality content. You may not move up the SERPs in a couple months, but these top positions are not simply handed out on a plate. You have to plug away and then take advantage of when your website has some momentum, to carry on. It is the crunch times decisions when the need to push on is the correct choice as opposed to getting frustrated that you are not number one yet,