Google Penguin May 2013 - The Escort Market

You have either noticed that the latest Google Penguin update has happened this month if you are a webmaster or escort SEO professional - or it's crept by you. The most important feature of this update was a huge shift down the 'SERPs' by escort agency websites that were engaged in paid escort links. Many agencies took part in buying text links and were stupid enough o use exact match anchor text. Trying to manipulate Google into giving them better positions in the SERPS. There has been quite a noticeable change for escort keyword positions of many sites. Some sites that used to rank top for escort related keywords now find themselves dropping many pages. What has brought the effect on. The websites that were penalised by Google update (and this could be for any market) can rebuild positions, if they stick to the guidelines. Focusing on building good quality content and user experience is an excellent way forward.

Gone are the days where you manipulate hundreds of directories and forums with comment spam. Everybody can spot comment spam on escort forums a mile off. It spoils it for people who use the forum to find relevant information about escorts. Last years Google Penguin update was bad enough for many websites. Were the same websites in the escort market hit by this latest update? Did they learn their lesson from last time. This one was supposed to go after the hard core black hat, spam link building escort websites. The SERPS have changed so much, that they have become unrecognizable. Some of the results that are seen do not make any sense.

The escort websites that got hit by this latest Google Penguin, need to forget about using guest posts on so many non-relational websites. They are spoiling the user experience for people who use those websites, plus linking to adult content, without a disclaimer or warning. Which is frankly, very irresponsible. How many have used those article marketing sites to spin and promote useless, sometimes plagiarized articles? So many agencies writing so many useless articles that nobody wants to read.

The last bad SEO link practice for escort websites that is such a rookie mistake is the useless link building to bad sites. They get it so wrong. Linking to any site that wants an exchange. They do not research if those sites come from bad neighborhoods, they just think the more the merrier. Those are the type of sites that deserve to get shifted down the ranking.

Penguin 3.0 October 2014

There was another Penguin roll out and again many websites suffered dramatic drops. It is quite alarming with the fact so many websites still get affected by this. Yes, many websites struggle to gain good quality links to their escort website. However sometimes there can be too much focus on link building. The overall dynamics of the website and aspects that can be built on to improve, are sometimes overlooked. Regularly updating your website and looking at ways to provide more informative information sometimes does not get the attention it deserves. Patience is a word that sometimes does not correlate with many in a fast paced, highly competitive and ever changing internet. Surely the quality links will come, when you update the quality of your website. However this takes time and obviously goes back to the point of being, patient. Take a look at your links and decide are they adding value to your website and also are they of any value to the web user. When you start from that mind-set then you can build.

Why not have a read of this escort SEO guide. Say no to paid escort links and start building quality, informative content.