Escort Agency Advertising

The online escort market is big business and it is very competitive on the web. Certainly when it comes to escort agencies, there seems to be a new one appearing every week, with more and more interesting domain names chosen for their brand. So to obtain new clients and maintain a visual stance in the market, many turn to advertising. Thousands of pounds each month is spent on advertising on the web. The highest number of escort agencies can be found in London. Competition is fierce in the capital and the most effective medium for agencies to get more web traffic is to advertise. The major search engines are the place where prospective clients look for escort services in London. Escort SEO is a very long term solution. It can take many months or years for an escort agency to climb the search engines and generate traffic that directly leads to bookings. So agencies look to places where they can advertise on the web. the most effective places however, agencies advertise in as many places as they can to promote their service and increase their brand awareness. Escort advertising is big business and the variety that is out there is explained as follows:

Free Escort Advertising

There are many free escort directories on the web. they provide free exposure for agencies via banners, links and sometimes portfolio thumbnail pictures of individual agency escorts. Some even go as far as allow agencies to list multiple individual listings of their escorts. In return the escort agency has to place the banner / link of the escort directory on their home page or a very prominent page on their website. You can often see escort agency websites with numerous banners of directories on their home page which represents the free escort directories they are showcased on. Whether or not agencies actually benefit from the exposure is debatable. Certainly they can not rely on solely advertising on free directories for business, but as a way of visually pushing their brand, it certainly is effective to be in as many possible.

Paid Escort Advertising

The top escort directories charge agencies to advertise on them. They are websites that are highly placed on Google and other major search engines for the best escort service keywords. The advertising is usually banner based and the the biggest directories provide gallery advertising for a price. Paid escort advertising can start from as little as £20 per month to £450 a month for banner advertising, depending on the given directory. Many agencies rely heavily on paid advertising for attracting clientele and have advertising budgets dedicated to per month for featuring on paid escort directories.

Here is a pick of some of the best on the web.

UK Adult Zone - A UK escort directory showcasing escorts, agencies, massage parlours and mistresses. They have a wide range of advertising options. Independents, dominatixes and massage parlours can promote themselves on their directory. They have three main advert options, with the premium one being the most prominent and obviously most expensive.

Adult Work - A leading directory for adult service providers. Rather than have set rate advertising fees, escorts can purchase tokens. Thus you choose when and how long you have your advert on them. There are so many site features like videos etc. It is the main place for independent escorts to promote themselves.

London Escort Guide - One of the premier London escort directories showcasing the very best escort agencies in the capital. All the top agencies feature on their at one point. Banner advertising is very popular and cost anything up to £250 (In some cases even more).

Cherry Girls - Another leading UK and London directory for independents and agencies, with a wide range of ad options to choose from.

Advertising For Recruitment

It is not just promotion of the service that falls under advertising but also recruiting new escorts. It is a tricky factor that many struggle with as there are not many places. Adult Guide To London is a leading Adult Entertainment directory and has a great recruitment section, where you can post adverts. The most controversial thing reported in the news by several media newspapers was the debate on how several job centres (alledgedly linked to Jobcentre Plus) where actually posting escort job ads. It caused a massive debate in the media. There have been calls for many newspapers, national and local to stop escort service ads, with several campaigns, still in full force.