Escort Advertising

Many go to great lengths to promote their escort services. The internet is the best forum to do so and Escort advertising is a huge market, full of directories charging sometimes hundreds of pounds to advertise. They are key to independent escorts and escort agencies who want to promote their escort services online. The birth of the internet has seen a dynamic way for escorts and agencies alike to promote and advertise their services to potentially thousands upon thousands of potential clients. The majority of escorts and agencies have their own websites. They showcase their pictures and service information, so it is a self advertisement of themselves. That is the first step for them. They then need to ensure they targeted web traffic to their website, so they can gain bookings for their services. Independent escorts tend to advertise themselves on the web independently; agencies on the other hand look for advertising specialists and advisors to help their cause.

Escort Directories are key places where escorts advertise their services. This is usually done in the format of graphical web banners, portfolio picture listings and text listings. There are a number of escort directories out there that provide both free escort advertising and paid escort advertising. The paid escort advertising is deemed more effective and targeted, therefore escorts will receive greater quality and quantity of booking. Agencies now have turned to escort SEO companies as a source providing a long term advertising solution via natural listings on major search engines. The problem is that many escort SEO companies claim to be the best and promise the world, but very few deliver.

First Call Escorts always researches the best escort advertising options available on the web and outside the web. However there are important issues surround the online escort market that many people are simply not aware of.

Against Paid Escort Links - We are starting a campaign in 2012 to raise the awareness of paid escort links and how it damages the market and search engines. Please get behind us. SEO is a big part of many marketing campaigns for agencies. Search engines like Google are the most competitive place to get a website ranked highly. Links play a big part in building that prominence. However some agencies use "underhand" techniques to try and get to the top. Rather than relying on producing quality website content and an appealing website user experience - they turn to the dark side. Buying links. So they do not earn links naturally, they buy them to boost their overall website quality. This has become a big part of escort advertising for agencies who discreetly and sometime not so discreetly, sell links. Some sell them on a monthly basis while others sell links for a year.

Escort Agency Advertising

The one factor that agencies always put top of their list, is advertising for the month. The online escort market is awash of so many adult and escort service promotion websites that it can be very confusing where the best places to advertise are. Here a few tips when it comes to deciding what approach to take.

Cost Of Adverts

It varies depending on the directory and how popular and well placed they are on the web. The top directories in London have banner adverts that can cost from £25 - £300. So you can imagine the thousands of pounds a month being spent in the escort market on advertising. For independents the price is often much cheaper and there are several places on the internet where people can advertise their services from as little as £2-3 per day. The adverts that appear on the main page or multiple pages of a website is the more premium option. Obviously they cost the most and only the biggest ones can afford to gain those spots. A bit like football, where the biggest clubs get the most coverage and can get the best players.