Increase In London Escorts

There has been a big "boom" in the escort market. What is it you may ask. Well over the past 18 months there has been a staggering rise in the amount of escorts in London. You can see, just by the amount of new escort agencies that seem to open every week now. The biggest reason for this has been down to the latest recession, where more and more people are out of work due to businesses closing. Also many people have been made redundant or had their hours cut back dramatically so, they are literally financially surviving from day to day. The escort market in London is attractive. Escorts can earn good money and work the hours that suit them, especially if they are independent escorts. The increase in London escorts has seen extra competition, especially for agencies. This has led to a price war as new escorts have cut their prices below the established competition and due to the recession meaning people are watching more on what they spend, the lower priced escort services in London are getting quite a bit of business.

The recession has seen a big increase in the amount of people that find themselves in debt. With huge debts looming over them., they turn to a market where they can earn quick cash. Some people take out loans and simply can't make the payments. With the rise of loan companies, many people rushed out to get one. Some now even to struggle to pay the interest. So if they can earn anything up to £500 a day as an escort; the lure of such money is too big an incentive to shy away from. Also with the UK being part of the EU many people from other European countries come here to earn money as an escort. Many have flooded the capital. It is like they are on a very long escort tour. They simply come to London and make as much money as they can before returning back to their home country.

BREXIT & More Eastern European Escorts

On June 23rd 2016 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. It was a landmark decision that has initially unsettled the UK economy. So the impact on the escort industry could be huge. As the UK finalizes its terms for leaving the EU it is thought that there will be a high influx of Eastern European escorts flooding the UK. London will see the highest increase in the number of escorts and add in the possibility of another recession, even more people could end up becoming an escort. So it is going to potentially see a time where London has the most escorts ever.

Escort Agencies Recruiting University Students

University can be fun, but the flip side for many students after w while, is the constant worry about money. University graduates in London have found it the toughest. There is little of way of job vacancies as many businesses are simply not hiring. The little jobs that are available have so many candidates going for them, that many graduates are financially struggling. So many undertake escort work or join a London escort agency. These are graduates sometimes from very affluent backgrounds and live in very affluent areas. They have debts from university like overdrafts and credit cards; not to mention paying back their university loans. Many have started this job, not to live a lavish lifestyle, but to simply pay the bills and debts that have amassed. However escort agencies have started to target universities. There was an online article in 2011 written by The Daily Record, that highlighted this. At first this crept under the radar, but now more universities are aware of this. They are removing escort agency adverts from notice boards and providing awareness about people recruiting students. However some are still choosing escorting for the financial rewards. How it affects their study or university life is unknown. However there has been a few articles online from students who became escorts, explaining their experience.

Even though there has been an increase in escorts, this has seen an increase in clientele. People are booking escorts to forget their financial worries and with cheaper London escorts available, people who were just priced out the services can now stretch to the rates. While the recession has paid a part, there are simply more and more people becoming escorts as more and more coverage of the market has widened.