Touring Escorts

Touring escorts are escorts who go on tour in different cities and even countries for a specific time period. For example in the UK, many escorts outside London choose to come to the capital to widen their client base. Where they reside may be a quiet town for example which limits their bookings and clients. So going on an escort tour widens their horizon and promotes their service to a wider audience. Many touring escorts use message boards, forums and their own website to announce their tours. They will set specific dates, so it shows their availability to potential clientele who want to make advanced bookings. They often stay at 5 star hotels and get the opportunity themselves to experience London, its entertainment, fashion and energy. Touring is most common in the independent escort scene. Sometimes two escorts will join forces and go on a duo tour. A very niche service that has quite an appeal; especially in London.

It is vital escorts do their research and advertise their tour as wide and extensively as they can. If not they will find they spend a very lonely time and hardly get any bookings. So there has to be a lot of strategy, planning and advertising that goes in. There are some really popular forums that have specific sections dedicated solely for escort tours. Also a few escort directories have sections where companions can also announce them.

Touring escorts usually take advantage of holiday periods to announce them.

The Importance Of Escort Directories

Directories play an important role as many have specific sections where only touring escorts can announce their tour dates and cities. Many potential clientele use these websites to find out what escorts are where on what. The most popular website is Punternet, which has a special section dedicated to it. Many independent have a tour section which they regularly update. A few of the top ones travel internationally while the majority of UK based simply stick to the UK.