First Female Escort Agency Owner

What is getting a lot of attention at the moment online is the story of the first female escort agency owner. Her story has been featured in some online news websites. Her name is Joan Ball, she is 80 years old and she has an autobiography out called 'Just Me'. What is so intriguing about her book is the fact she can not rad or write. So to publish a book given those obstacles seems an amazing achievement. She is from Highgate, north London and utilized the early computers to for a match making service. This was based on matching certain characteristics of peoples personalities. She has given an online interview to a news website where she gives more in-depth insight to her previous work. One thing she is said to have made paramount is that clients were not to get involved with any of the escorts they booked. When she was in her late twenties she is said to have actually worked as a matchmaker in marriage. She progressed to creating her own marriage bureau which is said to have become one of the biggest in the UK capital. In the early sixties she founded an agency called 'Eros'. She also created a second agency as well. What propelled her business forward was the advancements in computer technology. She could now create a sophisticated database that was able to more accurately and dynamically match people. It is said at around that tie of the transition to a more sophisticated match making system she had around 50,000 members. Which is a huge amount of people looking to be matched up. This former escort agency manager / owner is said to have led a very eventful life. She has received great online reviews about her book. What is so unique and inspiring about her story is that she never stopped writing and putting her feelings down on paper. So it has aided her to tell and share her story to day with so many people. She will have inspired many dyslexic people to have the courage to know they can write and share their story to. Everybody has a story to tell.


Her autobiography is available at Amazon.