Escort Agencies Using Fake Pictures

Unfortunately for the escort market there has been a rise in escort agencies using fake pictures in their online gallery. This is against copyright law and very misleading to potential clientele. They put up a picture of a fashion or glamour model who does not work for their agency. The aim is to get people to book on the presumption that the lady in the picture is actually going to be the lady that turns up. Obviously that is not the case and when another escort turns up (who looks nothing like the woman in the picture); they simply make an excuse. That is an age old trick by unprofessional escort agencies called "bait and switch". The "bait" obviously being the fake picture being used and the "switch" being the excuse when another lady (usually less attractive) turns up. These agencies surely do not care about reputation or the about the actual models in the pictures being showcased.

Many models in these pictures have no clue that they are on these escort agency websites. This can be damaging to their image if they specifically do not want to be attributed to escorting. The agencies do not own the copyright of these pictures. Escort directories (well the majority of them) do take this matter seriously and have various steps to ensure the validity of the pictures. Some ask for a normal phot verification before an escort phot can be uploaded. Some will remove pictures that they suspect to be fake as well and ban the agency from advertising on their website again.

What To do If you Find Your Picture Being Used?
If you are a published model and find your picture being used without your consent you will probably feel very angry. However the law is on your side and there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your picture gets removed.

You can:

  1. Find the contact details of the offending website and contact them for it to be removed.
  2. State clearly a date that you would like the pictures to be removed. Make sure it is a reasonable time frame.
  3. Get legal advice if they fail to remove the picture as requested.
  4. Write a letter to their web hosting company providing evidence that you own the picture. They ay just remove it for you.
  5. Send a legal letter out to the effect that if the picture does go back onto their websites that you will be claiming damages.

There should be a website where people can highlight agencies and pictures that are fake. This can ensure that people are aware that those escorts do not exist. For a more in-depth look to why some agencies choose to use fake pictures, click here for our interesting article.