Bait And Switch Escorts

This is a term that has been coined more recently in the escort market due to it's sharp rise. Basically it is when an escort client books an escort based on their appearance in the pictures on their portfolio. However the escort that turns up (or the one they visit, if it's an incall) looks completely different. The bait and switch has been reported many times on escort forums and message boards by clientele who are fed up of this practice. It is becoming more and more common by outcall agencies who basically have a range of pictures in their gallery, that bare no resemblance to the escorts they actually showcase in real life. These agencies are counting on the people who booked to just be satisfied with the escort that turns up. On many occasion the client just can't be bothered to argue. However more and more are standing their ground and are refusing the booking.

One sign that a possible bait and switch could take place is if the pictures on an agency site rarely change. Or the fact you have seen that picture so many other places as well. Some agencies actually steal pictures from escort directories and other agencies. Just so they can attract clientele, only to bait and switch them into a booking. It is ridiculous that the agencies who operate like this still get bookings. The other sign is a a bit harder to conclude that you are at risk from a bait and switch. It is when you see pictures with the faces blurred or not included. Although there are escorts who do not want their identity to be known for whatever personal reason, the client still has a vague idea of what they actually look like. The perfect setting for a bait and switch to take place. Have you been a victim of such a scenario?

Some agencies practice this on the odd occasion, if there is an escort that is not available at the last minute and they just send the best alternative to the client. As a client you have a right to undertake or cancel the booking there and then. Some agencies may argue that they need to be compensated, but the best way to safeguard against that is to state during the booking process, that if the escort isn't the one you have booked that you will refuse the booking. You need to get the agency to agree. Maybe send a e-mail ahead of your date stating that in the event of a bait and switch that you will refuse and that you are not subject to any costs incurred by the agency / escort etc.

More and more is being done to raise the awareness of this. It is not just certain agencies who conduct themselves in this manner. Some independents do also. They adopt the same tactic of partial photos where there face is not in the image or is blurred. Or again they use fake photos that bare no resemblance to how they actually look. It takes a few minutes to sign up to a free escort directory. So they can flood the internet with fake profiles in the hope of using a bait and switch after the fake photos have enticed clients to book their service.

If you are a victim of this scam you should refuse the booking and write a review on the top escort r3eview websites, forums and message boards, warning others.