Escort Agencies Using Fake Pictures

If you are used to reading escort review website or message boards, then you will always find a 'thread' or discussion about the topic of fake escort pictures. There are some independent escorts who see the need to use somebody else picture. A few escort agencies are not far behind them. When you go onto an escort agency website you usually find an online gallery of about 25-30 escorts on average. They all look stunning, like top fashion models and have real beauty. Now the thing is, to the untrained eye you will just assume that these ladies in the picture are the actual escorts. However there are some agencies who knowingly use fake pictures on their website gallery. There is no single motivation for this. They may use it for a whole number of reasons. Before those reasons are explained it is important to stress that this practice is very wrong. They are breaking copyright and at the same time showing no regard for the actual person in the picture. Who very more often than not ends up mortified that there picture is on an escort related website. It can be very embarrassing for them and people may begin to associate them as an escort.

Agencies sometimes take pictures off other agency websites and post them on theirs. They may feel those ladies look more attractive and those pictures would be most appealing. So unfairly they are taking what is The most common type of agencies that use fake pictures are referred to as 'bait and switch'. The idea is they may crop or blur a picture, so you can not see the face. So when a client meets an escort they can't say for sure whether that is or is not the lady in the picture. Some are more blatant and have the whole picture including the face; knowing it is a fake picture. They are hoping that when the client realizes that their date is not with the person in the picture, to just settle with an alternative the agency has arranged. It is like an old fashioned trick from yesteryear. Deception is clearly the motivator for these agencies and they don't mind how they go about out.

Some agencies are not too clever when it comes to using fake pictures. As they sometimes use pictures of famous people. One has to stop and think that they are either so cavalier about going down this path they don't care what picture they use. Or the simple fact not known to them the picture they have picked is of somebody who is actually famous. When those type of agencies get caught people tend to have a laugh about it as clearly this method has worked against them in a big way. It could have repercussions for them as they may be held responsible by the copyright holder. Leal action could become an issue as well as them being subject to action by their web hosting company. Some agencies are often outed in the media for using a picture of a famous person.

Many agencies just go onto random websites and take pictures to use on their own website. some get a bit crafty and try and pick websites that are hosted or part of another country. Their mentality is if they choose a picture of somebody from a different country, then they are less likely to be noticed as a fake escort profile. However if you have the time and patience to seek out if the picture is real or not, then simply use Google image search. If the picture is of somebody else then it will be easy to find out. You simply drag and drop the image into the search. The disregard for copyright is simply shocking. It must not be nice and a big shock for models who find their pictures have been used in such a fashion.

To sum up escort agencies who use fake pictures may do for the following reasons:

If you suspect an escort profile is fake then do an image search in Google to determine the identity of the picture. If you are a client who has booked a fake escort then you may feel very upset. You can always write a review about it on prominent escort review websites. The more people who know, the less people can get away with this sort of deception. If you have found that a website or agency is using your picture, then you have copyright to back you up. If you want to know how to get the picture removed click here for some helpful tips. You may not even need to involve a legal representative. A well written letter to their hosting company with proof of copyright, often is sufficient enough.