Samantha X & Her Escort Tips

Samantha X first came into the media spotlight hen many newspapers online (in September 2014 ) wrote a news story about her. They reported on this remarkable lady's journey (whose name is Amanda Goff). Her book called 'Secrets of a High Class Escort'. was an autobiography that highlighted her career in escorting. This was big news as nobody new the true identity of the author as they chose to remain anonymous. When certain media attention followed regarding the book, it did cause lots of controversy. All of the online escort directories and forums were discussing the news stories at the time. Many people her turning their attention to her blog and website. At the time there ere news stories that her husband at the time (David Basha) was worried about the whole thing being the the public arena. It as said by various online news outlets that he as worried of the story's impact on the family. Did any one get to see Amanda Goff's interview on 'Channel Seven's Sunday Night'. Blogs and social media lit up with comments after it aired. Now in 2016, the media are further covering stories about this famous high class Australian escort. Now she has created her own escort agency, based in Sydney.

The recent news stories surrounding her that UK media outlets are writing, focuses on her escort tips. Basically the advice she gives to people who are thinking about escorting or who are escorts themselves. It focuses on things like what escorts should and shouldn't wear; also about their appearance. For example she advises against escorts using fake tan and also avoid pink nail polish. When it comes to conversation, escorts have with their clients on dates; they should always show a great level of interest. This involves asking questions and be willing to listen to general aspects of a clients life. When it comes to being judgemental, escorts should not judge a client ob how they link. They should only focus on the behavior of their client.

One really positive aspect Samantha X is raising awareness of is escort safety. She provides general helpful advice that involves how escorts should research clients and find out as much about them, before accepting a booking. Also escorts should never take drugs or get drunk on an escort date.

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