Too Many Escort Directories

The only possible conclusion that can be reached is either one of two things. There is a crazy computer, with low intelligence that has gone crazy and has decided to make loads of poor quality escort directories. Or simply lots of people are making poor escort directories. It seems every day there is a new one that has been created. Usually sharing the same layout and structure as the others. Very little time spent on innovation or graphic design. Also as people are running out of ideas of what to call their directory, you end up with really tacky domain names; some best suited for another market. By all means create an online resource for the escort market; however at least spend more than an hour thinking about it.

With all the free escort directory scripts out there; people are just downloading it. Buying a server, choosing a crappy domain name. Knocking up a sub standard logo; copying somebody elses website structure and usually going on to steal pictures of other sites (they tend to forget about copyright). Escort agencies are bombarded with e-mails everyday about joining a fresh new escort directory. usually an offer to get a free listing or free advertising for a certain length of time. They receive so many of those emails from escort directories that they just end up automatically deleting them. The real shame is if there is a website that is actually quality and has a very good advertising offer; in the current climate nobody would even read their e-mail, to even visit their website.

The Effects

1) The overall lowering of the quality of the escort directory market. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and it is even proving counter productive.

2) "SERPs" for major search engines are being polluted by these directories. How they rank so highly in such a short space of time is a mystery.

3) There has been an increase in copyright infringement as some of these new directories just simply take escort pictures off sites, to populate their site.

4) Less innovation is being promoted. There are so many new concepts that can be used but people are being lazy and are simply out to make some fast money.

5) The rise of these websites are simply annoying everybody.