Can Famous People Book Escorts?

Well famous people can do anything (within reason). So when it comes to booking escorts, it really is down to the individual. There is still lots of stigma associated with booking an escort. So firstly you have to look at the type of escort services around. Well the majority (if not all) of escorts, operate their incalls or outcalls in a discreet manner. Discretion is a fundamental part of the experience. If the right to privacy for the escort client were compromised, then it would be seen as a bad service. The escort in question would get a bad reputation as clients want privacy. Famous people are always in the media spotlight and anything to do with escorts, is always sensationalized as a scandal. They do not want to become front or back page news (if they are a sports star). So it really depends on the professionalism and reputation of the escort service they use. If it is an agency or independent who is known to entertain famous clients, then they have some ease of mind. If they are free of scandal then that means they provide a very professionally discreet service. There are agencies who have been established for years of provide escorts for celebrities. Famous people often refer their celebrity friends to use the sa service. So it really, is an exclusive, invite only, referral process. If a famous person uses an escort agency that is not established then they run the risk of the discretion process not being professional. They also run the risk of being exposed to blackmail. So really famous people only uses escort services recommended by trusted celebrity friends.

When it comes to the specific type of escort service, people choose various. The most professional are escort services which represent time and companionship only. However the escort market is so fragmented their are escorts and agencies that go beyond that. So it depends if they want to risk being associated with a service that goes beyond companionship only. If they do and they are in a relationship, they put that relationship in jeopardy. If the press get a hold of what they have been up to, it will be a front page story. Which will cause embarrassment to them, their career and their family. So can famous people book escorts? Yes they can. However who they book really depends on their own personal preference.