Mistakes Of First Time Escorts

Many women in these hard times of recession are turning to escorting as a career. Some used to have full time jobs and have lost them due to the hard economic times. Finding work again has proved hard so many are lured into the world of escorting as it is a way where they can work, on a self employed basis and earn good money. Many of these ladies may have read an article or seen an escort agency advert, which states all the wonderful benefits of becoming an escort. Some women are basically fed up of their current job. It might not pay well and they want to find something else to do. Again the attraction of escorting is very appealing to them and they often choose to embark upon a new profession. However it is not always as simple for them as they think.

Here are the top mistakes usually made by first time escorts:

1) Not Understanding The Escort Market - They usually end up doing little or no research and think it is easy to make the transition of becoming an escort. Some may be best suited to working for an agency, while others with a bit more know how and entrepreneurial skill are best being an independent escort. Without knowledge in the basics, they tend to struggle and make very bad decisions. Where there are easier options as they are trying to get establish, they often make the wrong choices. This could waste their time, even money and leave them open to the unsavory side of the market. As they say knowledge is certainly power!

2) Getting Their Rates Wrong - Some new independents think it is like some supermarket price war where to attract more work they simply have the lowest rates. Well they will get enquiries but usually from the wrong type of gentlemen. It is also counter productive to what they think is a smart thing as now many gentlemen are put off with such low rates for escort services thinking it must be some con. It is rare that people are setting their rates to high, but it is better to be competitive but not at take it to a stupid degree.

3) Naïvety - Simply trial and error is not the best way to go about things. From rookie mistakes like not taking payment before the date has started. To underestimating what it takes to be an independent escort. just the basics from getting a website created, taking high quality pictures, how to manage bookings etc Some people think they can just post a few ads and that can sustain them in the market. It doesn't work they that.

There has been occasion were people "experienced con artist escort clients" can sniff out a new escort. So again stupid mistakes like not taking payment at the start of the date can see some escorts not being paid. Due to the embarrassment of it all they don't even report or do anything about it. That alone could make or break their career as an escort. Again the key question that they should ask, is what does it take to be an escort? Do they have the attributes? There are some grey areas and when they step beyond companionship only services they are stepping into dark territory. Some just naively go there without realising. Mistakes in any walk of life will be made; but some should and could be avoided.