Mature Gentlemen Who Financially Support Escorts

For some mature gentlemen a bitter divorce can leave them not anting to enter a new relationship anytime soon. To be honest they are fed up of women their age. Maybe some of the hostility thy faced with their ex wife they has somehow subconsciously altered their view. That view being that they can no longer have any positive relationships with older women. In fact for any guys, relationships are not even an option anymore. They find them too emotionally draining. To them if they are going to be in another relationship it won't be in the traditional sense. They may have a friend that they are close too, but it never materializes into anything serious. So some opt to have an understanding with an escort. These usually comes about where they have booked the escort many times and strike up a great rapport. Now the client has grown fond of the escort, not in a romantic sense, but more of mutual companionship. So they want a bit more exclusivity with the escort. That basically means their time. It is not a physical relationship but one where they can enjoy the company of a beautiful, more youthful woman. There is no emotional baggage and they get to pamper that lady with gifts and invite her along t social gatherings they attend. The main aspect of this unique relationship is the gentlemen financially supports the escort. This may be in the sense of paying all her personal household bills. Also by buying her gifts and giving her the odd cash present. At this stag the escort has either completely given up seeing other clients, or have cut the number of bookings thy do dramatically.

Here's Where The Problem Starts

Problems can manifest themselves in various ways. The first way is when the gentleman agrees to fund an escort's lifestyle in return for just exclusive friendship. What the guy expects is for the escort to dramatically cut down the number of other bookings she does. Well the way the guy sees it is from a financial perspective for the escort, it works out better for her. However even if it is agreed that will happen, the escort just simply not want to cut down the number of bookings. She may do secret bookings on the sly. When it comes to a stage where the truth comes out, the gentleman who is financially support the escort, feels betrayed. The other way things can get very awkward is when the gentleman becomes emotionally and romantically attached to the escort. They said they wouldn't but emotions are hard to control. So the guy starts acting like the escort is indeed his girlfriend. That is quite different to having a friendship with an understanding. Even though their relationship is not physical, it is that emotional attachment that makes what thy deem a relationship, in their head, viable. When obviously the escort does not want to get into any form of romantic relationship, that is when all the problems come into play. Firstly the guy financially supporting the escort will claim the escort knew they where in a relationship. What they thought the understanding was, the other person has another perspective on it. Then comes the legal battles of the guy saying he bought her this and that. Gave her money on various occasions. The whole thing just ends up messy. So if you are thinking of some kind or relationship where you financially support an escort - think really hard about it.


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