Escorts & Sugar Daddies

Sugar daddies love to splash out and look after usually youthful, very beautiful women. They love to splash the cash on them, financially support them and buy them gifts. Escorts sometimes find that their clients are sugar daddies willing to spoil them and take them to the most lavish places. When this is done in the confines of an escort booking then it can be seen as part of the service. However, some mature escort clients want a more longer lasting part in these escorts lives that stretch beyond a 1 or 2 hour booking. The growing trend and this can be seen by any posts in numerous internet forums are about women who actively seek out sugar daddies. The most common trend is young university students who see escorting as a way to meet these gentlemen. Some find themselves in severe financial difficultly and unable to support themselves through "uni". Some turn to escort agencies as a fast way to meet cash and wealthy gentlemen. The hope in meeting that special guy who is rich and wants to pamper them with gifts. The ultimate goal is one that can support them financially. Obviously with that mind-set many can perceive them as being rather naive as you don't really get something for nothing these days. So what will they have to give in return? Fundamentally that is always something crucial that many overlook in this pursuit.

Should Escorts Accept Gifts?

Obviously for some escorts with the mind-set of meeting a sugar daddy through their work, there is an important question to be asked. Should they accept gifts from them. Some agencies and escorts themselves follow guidelines where they don't. There is a very popular VIP outcall in London where rich gentlemen take escorts out on luxury shopping trips. They like going to areas like Mayfair and Knightsbridge to all the top department stores. it is the ideal date for a rich guy as they want to be seen to be in the company of a very beautiful lady. So when these ladies are lavished with gifts is the line between fantasy and reality blurred? Does the escort need to set boundaries or does that diminish their ability to get the sugar daddy they so desire?

For some university students the option of dropping out from their course is not any option. The lure of the escort market seems very strong and appealing. So there will come a time where some cross over from speculation to actually becoming an escort. Some choose not to join agencies and set up as an independent escort. There are some directories that actually have sections for mature gentlemen who looking for companions actively seeking a sugar daddy.

They offer to become their sugar daddies where they will offer the following:

Some escorts may take advantage of this. Having somebody financially support them ensures that they have extra money each month to splash out on new things or save money. The problem is the line between escort and client is blurred and it can welcome infatuation and stalking. The sugar daddy believes that because he is financially supporting the escort, the relationship goes beyond that of client and escort and that they deserve a level of control over them.

It is common place for escorts to accept gifts now and again, but embarking on having a sugar daddy, could end in tears.

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