Should Escorts Accept Gifts From Clients?

For many top escorts in London they get to go on very exclusive dates with some very rich gentlemen. As a way of gratitude or a thank you, some like to buy their escorts gifts. Now the big question is - should escorts accept gifts from clients? Well there is no simple answer on this one. It would have to depend on the actual escort date / service and the client in question. First scenario; let's say an escort has been booked as a luxury shopping companion for a day out of shopping some posh like Mayfair or Knightsbridge. The client may want to express their thanks by buying them a small gift like jewelry. If it as overseas businessman who rarely comes to the capital then it could just simply be a goodbye gift. It could seem rude not to accept it. A bit more extreme say the escort is booked to go to accompany them somewhere like the opera that night, the client may want to by them a dress to wear to it that evening. It could be seen as a requirement as they may want to ensure their date is dressed in a certain, classy way for such a sophisticated night out.

Some independents actually encourage the buying of gifts for them. Some fetish or mistress escorts even have list of gifts on their website that a client could by. The first problem is the emotional attachment, attached to those gifts. It is all about where fantasy ends and reality begins. It also boils down to adjudging the mentality of the client. Does the client know this is a gift and no favours or expectations are involved? That is the first question an escort has to ask themselves. If it goes sour and the client wants their gifts back, then what position is the escort left in? Are they entitled to keep the gifts. So there are stumbling blocks that need to be addressed by the escort.

Another question is could it be interpreted as being rude by some escorts for not accepting the gifts. Maybe in some cultures gentlemen could take offence to what they seem as an innocent gesture of saying thank you for their company. Some escort agencies state to escorts that they should not accept gifts under any circumstances. Just like advising escorts not to drink on dates. Whether they take the advice is a personal decision made by them. Some simply accept the gifts and don't tell anyone.

It is all down to judgment and analyzing each situation differently. There will be occasions where gifts are given as a simple gesture. there may be other occasions where it could be overbearing, like a gift that is very expensive. It is important for the escort to set ground rules and the for the escort to clearly state what conditions they are accepting the gifts under.