Escorts Sharing Their Stories

Everybody in life has a story to tell and escorts are no different. In fact their stories about their life as an escort are usually fascinating reads. Maybe many where inspired by the famous 'Diary Of a London Call Girl', a famous online blog which won many awards. People have become more interested about hearing the lives of escorts. Many people book escort services in the UK. From single to married people; everybody has their reason. However rarely before have you seen so many different individual accounts about life as an escort. From various magazine interviews, where escorts are interviewed about all aspects of their work. Sometimes their story focuses on a particular aspect of escorting. Their have been many stories about the most high earning, high class escorts. Those stories are usually filled with scandal, ludicrous amounts of money earned and a very rich client list. Escorts in America usually share stories of this nature. Many escorts write stories about why they became an escort. You will find many blog accounts of university students who have chosen to become escorts to help them financially during their university degree. There are more and more stories of this kind.

Some Find It Therapeutic

Sharing anything about your life is a great way to unload stress. So many escorts choose to write stories about their work (often under an alias) online. They can vent any frustration, share any funny event and generally just share this aspect of their life. One example online can be found on a website called Gala Darling. They interviewed an escort who has a secret; her boyfriend doesn't know she's an escort. It was a great way for the lady who was interviewed to probably get some information off her brain and share it with a wider audience. It makes for a great read. Many escorts use writing stories it as a form of light therapy. They can feel safe writing anonymously but feel fulfilled because other people can read and comment. Many newspapers have interviews with escorts. If you read the tabloids you will find more and more column inches dedicated to the world of escorting.

Not Just Escorts, Clients Like To Share

Clientele of escorts, also like to share their experiences through blogs, reviews but never interviews. It is a great way for people who book escort services to offer a view from their own perspective. From sharing interesting information about their best and worst escort dates. Also any issues surrounding being an escort client. It is not just men that write about their experiences with an escort. Many straight and lesbian women are now using escort services. So you will find more and more ladies are 'blogging' about aspects of these very unique dates. Are you an escort and have been contemplating writing a personal story about yourself. Well you can easily do that online. It doesn't take that much time to set up a blog. All you have to do is think of ideas that you want to blog your experiences on.