What Is A Top Independent Escort?

If you look at the UK escort market then you will find thousands of independent escorts promoting their companionship services on the internet. The vast majority are female and you can view their services via their own personal websites and directories. One big question that seems to be on many escort forums is - what is a top independent escort? Well "top" reflecting that they are either to be the best or the most prominent. Well when you look at prominence it has to done under the medium of the web. Who is the most visible? Who has the most links through networking with other sites? Who is ranked highest on all the major search engines. Well to answer the search engine question a website for an escort may rank high one month, then rank lowly another. So that can not be used to determine if they are a top escort or not.

When it comes to who has the most visual presence on the web, you have to look at escort directories. Who has the most adverts may suggest they could be regarded as a top escort. It boils down to their knowledge of marketing and self promotion. You also have to look at the quality of their website and pictures. If they have top photography on their website, done by a top photographer then you can probably put them in a class above the ones who don't. If they have an expensive looking website that has the best design, then again that is another attribute that adds more weight in their favour on this topic. However again it could be argued that anybody can go out and get professional pictures, an expensive website and spend lots of money on advertisement. True; but not everybody does. It seems that the ones who do are staking their claim to be regarded on a higher level of the ones who do not.

Also some escorts have an edge. That edge is usually attributed to a unique feature about them. For example PSE (porn star escorts) have a massive fan base and carry that extra appeal. If a porn star or top glamour model was to become an escort then automatically people would be referring to them as a top escort. It may be unfair to other escorts who don't have this background, but it is certainly an added bonus for the independent escorts who do.

It should be based on the quality of service and the only way to determine that is by reviews of their service. The more, quality, genuine reviews an escort has should determine if they are regarded as being top of their profession. Now obviously there are many review sites out there, but review systems could be manipulated in some cases. However that should be the basis to judge it on.