Escorts And Celebrity Press Injunctions

2016 has seen many a scandal involving celebrities. Especially where one or both parties are from the UK. The big talking point is how much freedom should the press have to report on it. With tabloids facing 'super injunctions' where they are limited to hat they report. They can talk about the subject matter, but not name the person involved ho has taken out the inunction. Now lets examine one example involving former escort Helen Wood, who went on to win Big Brother 2014. She is currently embroiled in an injunction ladened scandal, allegedly involving a very well known actor. Well this actor can be named in the USA in a well known publication, but no UK news agency is allowed to name the person. Helen Wood if you can remember was allegedly involved with Wayne Rooney. This came at a time a number of press articles focused on footballers with escorts had surfaced previously.

Is It In The Public Interest?

Do you think it is in the public interest to name a famous person who becomes involved in an escort scandal? If yes, why is that? Some people argue that certain celebrities make lots of money from the public persona they convey. So if they are a squeaky clean, married father, Then if they were caught up in an escort scandal... the public would want to know. Others argue everybody has a right to a private life. That there is no real benefit the general public knowing the identity of people involved in any such scandals. If these celebrities are married, then their wives may have no clue, what (if anything) they've been up to. So maybe a press story where the wife is none the wiser, could actually benefit emotionally and even from a physical health perspective. There have been so many scandals involving powerful famous people and escorts. Cast your minds back to the scandal 2012 involving Silvio Berlusconi. Should the Italian press have had the right to name him in that scandal involving alleged payments to escorts?

Going back to the scandal involving Helen Wood an unnamed actor; she has voiced her opinions quite vocally. Many online news websites have quoted her on the matter. She feels the current situation is not practical as the actor can be named in different countries. It puts the focus on Britain and makes the whole situation seem rather silly. The Mail and other newspapers have voice how ridiculous the situation is. They see the injunction laws as outdated and not in the public interest. What is clear is that the people involved are probably in the best place to pass an opinion on the matter. In an article in Huffington Post, this is expressed as Helen Wood says she just wants the whole matter top be forgotten, so all involved can move on with their lives.


Who are we to judge?


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