Footballers And Escorts

There has been a rise over the past few years in the amount of stories appearing in major tabloids involving footballers and escorts. These revelations make headlines in the UK and some top Premiership footballers have been involved in scandals. footballers today are amongst the highest paid sports people in the country. Many are millionaires and they live the fast, rich and hectic lifestyle of a celebrity in the public eye. Many high class escorts socialise in the same VIP nightclub environment these top footballers do. They are a magnet for women and they obviously like the attention they get from beautiful women. Many footballers who get involved with escorts have wives and girlfriends and in a society screaming out for positive role models for kids, many see this behavior has wrong. The key is how adults choose to live their lives, once they are not breaking the law is up to them. Some people think it is part and parcel of the set up. If you get involved with a footballer you have to expect they will meet up with other women, but that is part of the culture. Whatever happens between footballer and wife / girlfriend should be a private matter, however the tabloids jump on these stories.

There will be a million and one reasons why footballers book escorts. Some may want the extra attention. Some like variety. Some see it as God given right to have as many beautiful women in their life. They are rich and famous; they deserve it in their eyes. What these footballers have to understand is we the world today is very different than 30 or 40 years ago. Tabloids are always looking for a story and footballers can fall foul to people selling their stories on newspapers who will often pay handsome sums of money for these escort scandal stories. So maybe footballers are naive and think they can get involved with escorts and it could never come out in the media. Trust nobody. Obviously agencies do their best to uphold the privacy of their footballer clients, but beyond that if a footballers friend finds out and tells their friend, then who knows? Somebody will break the story somehow, somewhere.

From the massive scandal of the alleged interaction of top French international footballers and alleged underage escorts; the media and news is never short of a scandal.

Also the scandal with a top Rangers player and his girlfriends pictures ending up on a website for an agency called Luxurious Collection - read the story here.

After a big victory in a high profile match, footballers are going to want to go out and celebrate in the most VIP clubs and bars. Top escorts regularly socialise there. Beautiful women meets wealthy footballer ..... you can work out the rest

May 5th 2012 - It has been reported in The Sun newspaper online that Mario Balotelli partied with 4 escorts from Mckenzies Escorts days before the vital title match for Manchester City FC.

January 2013 - Wayne Rooney Escort Apologises - Jenny Thompson offers a public apology via the media directed at Coleen Rooney, for her part in the scandal.

July 2014 - Ex Escort Helen Wood is in the Big Brother House on Channel 5.