Pressures Of Christmas Parties

2016 is soon here, however before celebrating the new year, nay people have to navigate one hurdle - the Christmas party. It is the time where work colleagues and their bosses get together and party. However for many it is a time for panic, nervousness and often regret. How any times have you heard of people going to their Christmas party and making a drunken fool of themselves. It is either they have got frisky with a work colleague only to regret their actions the next day. Or they have had a drunken row with somebody (often their boss) telling the a few home truths. It is a time where people let their hair down and sometimes a bit too much. Their could be issues in their workplace that have been bubbling over a period of time. With being in a less work orientated setting, plus you add in the factor of alcohol - arguments can arise. That is bad enough, but just imagine when that argument is aimed at your boss, in front of everybody else. The day after the party you may be too embarrassed to go in.

If you are knew to your job and haven't been at your company long, then you ay feel like a bit of an outsider. You ay not have had to time to for any meaningful friendships with anybody you work with. So when you do go to the festive party, it could be a scenario that you just end up standing in a corner all by yourself. That could be for the whole night. While everybody else is talking and having a good time, you just feel like the odd one out. Standing there with a drink in your hand and trying to maintain that fake smile on your face takes some effort. You may go there with the intention of getting to know the people you work with better, but end up being too nervous to initiate conversation. What is more daunting is being new to a company where most people gossip about everybody else and you feel stuck in the middle as the new guy. The office party could potentially be a place where a lot of arguments will happen. If you don't like drama then the last thing would be to be stuck in the middle with everybody asking your opinion about matters you don't know much of. The 'new guy' is often seen as a person ho can offer that true perspective. However - do you you want to get put in the middle of work colleague arguments?

Here are a few tips of trying to ease the pressure of any festive office party

Remember any social gathering can seem a bit daunting, especially if you lack confidence. You may find attending with somebody can help you get over that shyness. There are certainly pressures attributed to attending a Christmas party. There are also things to look forward to as well. Let the good times begin, have a drink, dance hen the music starts playing - but always smile!