Why Do Married Women Meet Female Escorts?

There is an interesting topic which has many deep layers and talking points... why do married women meet female escorts. There has been a rise in the number of stories online and even in the media where they are married to men, yet seek out friendship and companionship (sometime romantic) with female escorts.

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The divorce rate in the United Kingdom is 42%. So that is well over 100,000 couples going through a divorce in a year. Now, it is pointless going through the talking points of that, but it is relevant to talk about the perils and stresses of committed relationships. You have heard the saying "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". Well, it looks like there are a number of heterosexual married women looking for attention and companionship outside their marriage - with female escorts. So, what are the reasons for this? Let's explore some reasons in greater depth:

  • Boredom - In the start many marriages go through that honeymoon stage where everything is wonderful. Being in love is the theme of life and communication, passion and togetherness is at its greatest. Then life kicks in and all those aspects slowly begin to diminish in several ways. In regards to communication, many couples take it for granted. They stop communicating because they feel that there is no need to because they could be individually focused on certain aspects of their life. So they assume certain things when it comes to their partner rather than communicating something essential. When it comes to intimacy the mundane can take over. Fun things become routine. That is where the passion slowly starts to diminish. They may feel that the can not communicate that intimacy is on the decline. Also, they feel they can't communicate the things they want from intimacy. For women, it is said they are more emotional on average when it comes to love and intimacy. So communication (loving communication) is the backbone to everything romantic. If their husband has stopped appreciating them and communication that appreciation, slowly the wife may become withdrawn, frustrated and even resentful. If this continues for a period of time there can be crunch talks or even the wife withdrawing emotionally because they find the lack of communication a big sign of rejection. Before too long they sometimes unconsciously find they are emotionally drawn to other people. If their circle of friends is predominantly female then this will start with increased social activities and going out with them more. However, when people look for emotional fulfillment they can start to look in the strangest of places. It may just be somebody to talk to or simply hang out with. For some women this could lead to buried or suppressed bisexual feelings coming to the surface. A discreet way of exploring such feelings is to meet complete strangers like female escorts. Factors like busy work schedules mean married couples spend less quality time with each other. Women don't always need lavish gifts to feel loved. They are looking to spend quality time and feel loved and appreciated. Slowly, when that starts getting less and less, many women become bored and they turn to female escorts looking for excitement.
  • Excitement - When boredom kicks in, then excitement is what is yearned for. Many married men neglect their wife whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes the pressures of work and a family often drive men to focus their leisure time on what brings them happiness and relaxation. If there is a pattern where their interaction with their wife is little to non-existent, then this soon turns to habit. As we know some habits can turn into a way of life. If that happens then the excitement of interaction that wives had with their husbands needs to be replaced with excitement elsewhere. Some married women feel so neglected that it can make them think of wanting to drastically change something about their life, circumstances and themselves. Many don't want to interact with men as they feel that would be cheating on an emotional level, but with a woman, it is something different and they perceive as less threatening. Also, less disrespectful to their husbands. When a married women meets a female escort in this scenario they are trying to fill a void of a lack of excitement in their lives.
  • Emotional Affairs - This has two dynamics that will be explained. The first dynamic is when they think their husbands are (almost) conducting an emotional affair. This is when they believe their husband is way too friendly with a female friend or colleague. This can cause tension, arguments and friction in their marriage. So as a way to counterbalance, have a form of control over their own emotions or some form of payback, they might meet up with a female escort to get their perspective. Why? Because female escorts meet so many different types of men, many whom are married. It is a perfect way of getting inside knowledge to what is going on in other peoples marriages and also understanding the mindset of men they meet. The other dynamic is that many wives begin emotional affairs with female escorts as escapism from their failing marriages. It is a form of escape that is daring but temporary that they can control. So they get to stay married but have an emotional avenue that keeps them happy and grounded.
  • Physical Affairs - This is the extreme side of things when a wife feels neglected. There are countless stories on online message boards and blogs on the internet of women who feel neglected on an intimacy level by their husbands. This can be for a number of reasons. From their husbands just being indifferent with them, to their husbands suffering from depression. This neglect can be for many years until a woman feels like they need to seek comfort outside their marriage. Some women seek just a bit of fun with lesbian escorts. Now it is important to note that the women who seek female escorts who provide a time and companionship only date, often have to seek escorts who don't adhere to that. When they find those types of escorts their mindset is often one of they have gone off men altogether and think intimacy with a women will be much more easier.
  • Attraction To Women - Some women have battled with their sexuality nearly all their lives. They may have always been attracted to females but have chosen to conform to a heterosexual relationship for various reasons. Sometimes marriage is a way for women attracted to women to try and mask their true feelings. However, there is only so much masking that they can do until their true feelings and desires resurface. Some women meet female escorts in secret as a way to deal with their attraction to women. Sometimes as a way to get it out their system or meet their needs of attraction towards women. They may not class themselves as bisexual but they can't hide their attraction for women.

Are You A Married Women Thinking About Meeting A Female Escort?

If you are a married woman thinking about meeting a female escort, you have to be honest with yourself. For one, is your marriage salvageable? Many marriages go through very challenging and test times. To the point, all the fun, love and intimacy diminishes. Any marriage can be saved but it does take honesty and two people willing to work through it with professional help. Another thing you have to ask yourself is have you been hiding or dealing with feelings of attraction to women either lately or for most of your life. Sometimes, the hardest thing is to be honest with yourself. If you are dealing with these feelings then your first step should be to accept these feelings. The second step is to talk to somebody about how you feel. There are many professionals out there that can help you talk through our feelings. Sometimes the best step to resolving conflict in a marriage is to focus on yourself and be honest about any problems, issues or difficulties you are experiencing on a personal level. There have even been stories in the media about celebrities meeting female escorts. So it is interesting to hear the prospectives of women facing issues regarding this topic.

Adventurous Married Couples Meeting Female Escorts
There are some married women who always look at ways to spice up their marriage. Bringing an escort into the mix could be a way to make life just that bit more adventurous. Some wives feel that they could be the boring one in the marriage. They may go extreme lengths as a way to make amends for what they feel they haven't brought to the marriage. Also, some wives may be going through a new stage in their life and want to try things that are new because life has become boring for them.

In conclusion there are many reasons. The deeper question always starts with people looking at themselves, where they are in their lives and what can be done to overcome life's challenges.