Escort Recruitment Guidelines

When recruiting escorts for an agency it is essential that guidelines are out in place and followed. They have to ensure that they adhere professionally and legally when throughout the recruitment process. The best and most professional agencies always ensure that the welfare of escorts are always safeguarded. So will talk to them about escort safety issues and always do robust checks on prospective clients. The key is to conduct a face to face interview with everybody who is selected through via the initial recruitment process. Meeting them in person allows them to get to know the prospective escort and also gives them a opportunity to explain more about the agency. Things which are paramount is to ensure that the person is over the age of 18 and has all the relevant documentation to prove that (passport, drivers license, birth certificate). Also the individual has to provide all the relevant documentation to show that they can legally work in the UK. Escorts who are showcased by escort agencies work on a self employed basis. So they have to register as self employed and pay their taxes like everybody else. The most professional agencies will ensure that the escort understands they need to pay tax and may ask them if they have an accountant.

Recruitment - Initial Information

The majority of escort agencies have a recruitment page or section on their website. So people who wish to join can make an initial online application. They fill in the online form and ensure that submit a recent picture of themselves. Many people who are interested in becoming an escort go out their way to take professional pictures. This gives them a professional edge in the recruitment process. Also if they are chosen to join the agency, they can showcase those pictures on the agency's website. The better the picture the more visually appealing an escort date the person will be. There are cases where people could have changed their hair colour since the pictures were taken. Common sense should prevail that new pictures are taken to show the present hair colour.

Important Information Agencies Verify:

If you:

  1. - Applicants Are aged over 18 years old - Escort agencies showcase escorts who over the age of 18 (or the legal age for their state / province / country) Prospective escorts have to bring all the correct documentation along. The most important is a birth certificate and current passport.
  2. - Applicants must peak good English - If you struggle with the English language then you will not enjoy your escort date. Some escorts can speak more than one language which is always an added bonus. For example if an escort could speak French then they would be perfect company for an overseas businessman from France, who has travelled to the UK.
  3. - Applicants must possess a very friendly and warm nature - Very fun loving elements to their personality is key; as it is not all just about beauty. They may have to attend classy social events and engagements where they may meet new people. Having a confident and friendly personality ensures they are the perfect date for their client. Also nobody would want to go to dinner with an escort who hardly spoke and was very 'frosty' in nature.
  4. Applicants must be attractive take pride in their appearance - Do people stop and stare in amazement at you? If so, then that could be in indicator you are extremely beautiful. Also dressing smartly and having a fashionable style is key. People want to be in the presence of others who look good.
  5. Enjoy meeting new people gentlemen - If you like going on exclusive dates with gentlemen or ladies, then that is another key attribute you have.

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