Thinking Of Changing Your Career To Escorting?

For many people, changing career is a must needed life move. You may feel unfulfilled, unappreciated and unsatisfied in your profession. You may hate your boss or be board with the countless procedures that in fact make your job harder for you to do. Maybe you had hopes and dreams to do something else, but your life went in a different direction, leaving you bored and upset. If you have always felt that you are good looking, have an engaging personality and are a "people's person; then maybe a change in career to escorting may be right for you. The recent recession has seen many people lose their jobs and find it near impossible to gain employment again. This has seen a surge in people becoming escorts. Many choose to become self employed independent escorts. You can be your own boss and you may find providing companionship to somebody comes naturally. You may be experienced in fine dining and make a perfect dinner date. Or you maybe a very sociable, outgoing person and an ideal date for a shy individual who needs to attend a party or VIP function. The doors could be open to a whole new exciting and fantastic world, full of opportunities and financial reward.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of following this career path.

1) Have you researched the escort market?

2) Do you find that you have an outgoing personality?

3) Do you consider yourself attractive?

4) Are you comfortable meeting strangers?

5) Are you easily adaptable to different social occasions?

6) Do you have fashionable attire that you could wear to elite events?

7) Do you find it easy to create rapports with people you have just met.

8) Do you have experience in fine dining?

9) Do you like the theatre?

10) Are you confident to manage yourself working as self employed?

Models Becoming Escorts

One of the most notable transitions are models who become escorts. The most common are glamour models who are struggling to break into the market and make a name for themselves. So they become escorts for financial reasons and balance the two careers. The best outcome is when they make it big onto TV or become famous for their modeling. Many keep escorting because they find they can attract more lucrative clients as they have this exciting feature and attribute of being famous in the glamour model world.

Many people opt to work for an escort agency. You have to do your research and feel comfortable in every instance if you do approach an escort agency. Like any market there are people out there looking to scam and exploit; so you have to have your wits about you and approach everything with common sense. If you choose to become an escort, then it could be the best career move you have ever made.

If you want a career change and escorting appeals to you, why not have a read of some of our escort articles to gain a further insight into aspects of the market.