Escorts Being Blackmailed

If you are a frequent reader of online escort forums you will find a topic that is quite worrying. It is online posts of escorts discussing experiences of being blackmailed. Many men and women from many different backgrounds become escorts for a wide range of reasons. Recently over the past 5 years there has been an increase in the number of people escorting. For independent escorts it is relatively easy for people to become one. All they need is a contact number, an e-mail and a website. Some people do not even need websites as they just solely advertise their services on directories. Discretion is a big part of it and any people do not use their real name when escorting. The most discretion conscious, will blur their identity on pictures to keep their identity secret. However not everybody does that. So there are many people who become an escort out of curiosity or see it as a good way to make money. Some of these people are in relationships and often keep this secret from their partner. However sometimes when that relationship breaks down things become pretty sour. Their ex partner may have broken up with them as they find out they were escorting. If they are vindictive thy will blackmail their ex partners due to the fact they are escorts. They threaten to expose this information to friends and family. The extent of the blackmail differs and not many people have written online about the specifics. However what is evident is the distress caused to the person being blackmailed. They will frantically try and delete all their pictures and profiles of the being an escort. Unfortunately even if they are successful there is still an online cache of that information.

There are steps you can take if you want information to be removed from the internet. First you can e-mail the website where you ant information to be removed. If they do not respond in a timely manner then you can always writ to the web hosting company of the website to demand content removal. When it comes to search engines there are online forms you can request for information to be taken down. It is a very stressful tie for anybody being blackmailed. However escorting is still a taboo subject in regards to certain aspects. Another form of blackmail escorts face is given bad reviews on purpose. The independent escort scene is very competitive and good reviews go a long way in attracting new escort clients. So if you are an escort with a string of bad reviews then it can harm your potential for bookings. What some people are doing is blackmailing escorts by threatening to writ fake bad reviews online. For what many escorts have written in online forums is this tactic is done to get discounted or even free escort services. Looking at ways to combat this, there needs to be better verification of people leaving reviews and better moderation on these escort review websites. Also steps in place for escorts to report fake reviews against them. Nobody deserves to be blackmailed and people think escorts are an easy target. If you are an escort and find yourself in this situation then remember whoever is doing this is in the wrong. You have the same rights as anybody else. If you are being threatened then you should approach the relevant authorities. You should not suffer in silence or just hope the situation will go away by itself.