Role Play Escort In Willesden - Escort Experience

Being married twice at the age of 47 is seen as being quite normal...they didn't work out etc For me, well I guess there is no normality in it because I loved my former wives dearly but feel so betrayed. Being in sales, times were great before the economy took a bad turn. Economies are never stable and when they become unstable, so did my marriages. I worked hard, I paid the mortgages, I paid for everything; but I never got much love back in return. My first marriage ended when I found out my ex-wife had been seeing a friend. It was quite a shock to my system as I thought my marriage was fine. Well, everybody does until the shit hits the fan. My second marriage saw us constantly argue over finances. For the final year of my marriage she hardly ever spoke to me. There was no conversation, no intimacy and I thought at least be truthful and tell me you didn't want to be with me anymore. When that marriage broke down, I had a mini breakdown myself. I kept myself away from my only friend and I felt so alone. Gradually I knew that I had to fight for what was right and that was for the sanity I had been robbed of for the past year. I learned a lot about myself and looking in the mirror was the hardest but most beneficial process I could have ever went through. In hindsight I wish I did that 20 years before. But we live and learn as they say. Staying hopeful for the future is where it was and still is at.

When I came out of my sadness getting back into life was a bit of a struggle. Home they say is where the heart is so I moved back to Willesden. I re-connected with my friend and we started to go out (even though I was always reluctant). The first few weeks I think I drowned my sadness out with alcohol. Everything seemed a bit duller and less intense when I had a few pints of beer. I could not sustain that and it affected my health and I started putting on weight and had trouble sleeping. Deep down I knew I deserved love also I subconsciously made the decision to stop drinking to look after myself a bit more. I realised in my life that I had shut down and this happened a while back. I was not living the life I wanted and was too afraid to be who I was. I always thought about what people thought about me rather than just being myself and having no reservations. So I decided to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write down all the things I want to change in my life. My friend really got me to get out and socialise when I didn't want to. I am so grateful to him. We went on speed dating nights and my confidence grew back stronger, day by day. Even though I never got he courage to speak to any ladies. One night after a fun night out my friend suggested for a laugh that I book an escort for a date. I haven't had a meaningful conversation with a woman for so long. He was surfing the internet on my computer and found an escort agency online. My curiosity was fuelled by a glass or two of red wine. We spent the next two hours looking through this website and having a laugh. Then I saw a profile of a lovely blonde Brazilian escort who was described as a role play escort. Her specialty was playing the role of a sexy secretary. I have always been bossed around in life, my marriages, my job so this escort service seemed intriguing. A position to be looked up to rather than looked down on. I got the courage to call the agency and the lady who answered was very friendly. I had so many questions and I thought that she would get irritated but she answered all my questions. I arranged to meet my role play escort in Willesden for a dinner date. I couldn't believe I had just booked an escort.

My favourite restaurant was the setting and I booked a table for 8pm. I arrived at 6.30pm as nerves got the better of me and I wanted to have a few drinks first. I thought let me at least decide what I was going to eat off the menu. At some stage I went through a minute of panic where I was going to cancel. Somewhere I found the strength to not cancel the booking and I thought "no" let me just have fun this evening. I can not remember the last time I did anything for myself and just went with the flow with life. It got to 7.30pm and I received a call from my escort in Willesden. She was on her way and will be there in the next 20 minutes. I decided to go to the toilet and look in the mirror. Make sure I was presentable and I quickly ate a few breath mints. When I arrived back to the bar area I was shocked to see the most sexy blonde lady. She was my escort date and I felt like fainting. I froze on the spot; she was the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. I thought it is now of never and I took one step in her direction and my feet did the rest. I introduced myself with such confidence. She was already in her role as my personal secretary I couldn't believe it. After 15 minutes of conversation at my table with each second I grew in confidence and adventurousness. The meal we shared was amazing, but it really was the fantasy element and role play element of the date that made me feel alive again. At that point I realised that I had been holding back who I was and being scared to live in my own confidence.

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