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Are you looking for the most intensely adventurous and luxuriously daring, fantasy inspired outcalls from just £140? Call our exciting agency today if you are looking to meet the sexiest role play escorts in London.

Myaa - Perfectly Slim Italian Dominatrix Escort LondonShannon - Slim Busty English Escort Keira - Slim nglish Escort, Sexy Female Boss CompanionAbbi - 34DD Super Busty English Strict Female Boss EscortRosy - Super Busty VIP Fantasy Strict Female BossPamella - Tall 34C Busty American GFE Strict Female Boss EscortDestiny - Curvaceous Black British Escort (Strict Female Boss)Alicia - 34DD Super Busty Spanish Escort (Naughty Nurse)Laura - Sexy Tall Busty European Escort (Girl Next Door)Paula - Tall Blonde Mature English Escort (Strict Female Boss)Bella  - Busty Blonde Italian Escort (Sexy Secretary)Sammie - Busty Dutch Escort (Sexy French Maid)Polly - Blonde Mature English Escort (Strict Female Boss)

As you can see our featured companions above are among the sexiest ladies in the city. They have a wild imagination and an intense passion for new adventures. Meet our delightfully naughty-minded companions (note: all outcalls are companionship only):

  • Myaa is a fiery, flawlessly slim and sensually confident Italian role play escort in London. As you can see she has the slimmest figure and has such a flamboyant aura about her. When it comes to adventure she is always seeking the most daring. This amazingly beautiful Italian brunette loves to wear the tightest fitting fetish-wear clothing. Whether it is rubber, PVC or leather, you will find she has no problem fitting the tightest of sexy outfits. She has a naughty imagination and a cheeky sense of humour.
  • Shannon is the classic, sexy English brunette with the perfect figure and a fun-loving character. This buxom English female companion plays the perfect companionship only Sexy Secretary role. As you can see this busty beauty has the peachiest of derrieres. You will instantly full in love with her pretty hazel eyes and her wonderfully hilarious sense of humour. When it comes to imagination she has a wild one. Her specialist fantasy outcalls are exhilaratingly adventurous and very memorable. She has the perfect curvaceous and toned figure to wear the sexiest outfits.
  • Keira is that saucy, perfectly slim English brunette who is the perfect Sexy Secretary and also Strict Female Boss. You see, this wonderfully charismatic and stylishly dressed beauty has a wild side to her elegant, fun personality. This naturally busty lady has a cheeky sparkle in her eye which you know at anytime she can become a real party animal. She knows romance and flirtatiousness is an art form and one which she has perfected.
  • Abbi is one of the most outgoing, wildly adventurous dominatrix inspired female companions who has a sexy commanding presence. When you have a moment to gather your composure in her intensely sexy company you will realise you are in the company of somebody with unwaivering sensual confidence.
  • Destiny - This super sexy, fiery and vivacious ebony beauty has the most perfectly curvaceous beach-perfect figures ever. If you are seeking a discreet and intensely wild fantasy outcall experience then Destiny certainly is the perfect choice. Do you want to be in the company of a really sensually confident and dominating black lady? Are you ready to do as you are told? Then you need a date with this sexy 'Strict Female Boss'.
  • Alicia - This buxom, bubbly and amazingly flirtatious Spanish blonde minx knows how to bring excitement. Her 'Naughty Nurse' role play escort service is full of sexy attentiveness and flirtatious fun.
  • Laura - This pretty, elegant and classy, tall European babe has intense natural beauty. Her smile is so radiant and sexy it instantly brings happiness to your day. This leggy minx is the perfect 'Girl Next Door' role play escort in London. She is flirtatious, has the cheekiest smile and loves to party.
  • Paula - Paul is basically the eye candy of the city. A mature blonde beauty who has amazingly pretty looks. She is a flamboyantly sexy and luxurious elegant lady with supreme natural confidence. Her 'Strict Female Boss' fantasy outcall is highly in demand. Do not miss out on this fantasy experience!
  • Bella - One of the classiest and prettiest Italian blonde woman you will ever meet in your life. She is the epitome of absolute sophistication and pure elegance. She is the perfect fantasy 'Sexy Secretary' date who is a great conversationalist. The perfect eye candy for a lunch or dinner date.
  • Sammie - This insanely perfectly curvaceous Dutch babe is one of the sexiest women in the city. She looks amazing in any outfit she wears and always turns heads wherever she goes. Yes... the answer is yes, if you are thinking of booking a fantasy 'Sexy French Maid' outcall.
  • Polly - This fiery, fun-loving , mature English blonde lady is the 'Strict Female Bos' escort you are looking for. She is the ideal luxury companion who has a commanding and powerful sensual confidence.

2022 is nearly done and our featured role play escorts contimue to provide London with the fantasy outcall experiences. Their highly-entertaining escort services are seen as the ultimate luxury fantasy adult dating experience. The everyday dynamics of the hustle and bustle of city life for businessmen has become increasingly overwhelming. The vast majority of top city professionals lead highly pressured lives due to an intensely hectic workload. So they embark on a much different type of dating avenue to escape the stressful reality of today's business world. Indulging in a much-needed world of is the escapism is an essential part of their balance in life. So they choose to meet our beautiful role play escorts who provide the wildest fantasy driven outcall dates. This companionship only intensely fun-fuelled outcall is a specialist escort service that is all about experiencing excitement. These beauteous and adventurous role escorts are your perfect dream companions. You can experience a fantasy-driven dating experience that can instantly change your life! From role plays that include a discreet date with a naughty nurse or one which you play a high powered, wealthy boss. A role play escort provides a blissful world where you experience the intense reality you've always dreamed about. This luxuriously private, visiting outcall is geared towards your individual and wildest fantasy dating needs. Our reputable agency understands that your individual escort fantasy is unique to you and our bespoke elements to each outcall help match your requirements.

What Type Of Individual Books A Date With Role Play Escorts?

Anybody from any walk of life is the type of individual who books a role play escort For most executives working hard everyday will soon see them cracking under the pressure. It is really easy for them to fall into the pattern of living a very mundane life as a recluse. To the point they don't know a reason to smile for or to have fun anymore. They deserve to start enjoying life again and exploring all the possibilities fantasy inspired outcalls provide. Role play escorts give you the non-judgmental freedom to live your dreams. These fun-loving beauties are open minded ladies who love seeking new adventures. They provide one of the most sensually intense companionship only escort services. If you're a first time client, this specialist escort service may seem some quite daunting. Our trusted VIP female companions are naturally beautiful and are always professional on dates. You may feel a bit nervous at first but due to their laid back personality, you will feel comfortable in their classy company. These adventurous outcalls start from only £140 for the first hour. If you've never stretched your wild imagination to its limits, then you should consider starting now. Are you are a reserved kind of gentleman who is normally quite a shy person? This luxuriously lavishly exciting dating experience can help bring you out of your shell. When life gets too serious, depressing and intense due to the pressures of work, book this outcall service. Your mundane and stressful reality can always be returned back to. You may think everyday that you want to tell your boss to "fuck off". However take a trip to 'fantasy land' and escape the boredom and stresses of life once in a while.

Role Play Escorts Of the Month

(Rylee, Charlet, Maddison, Pariis, Lara, Brianna, Luciana, Kiera, Tiffany, Anita, Ariadne, Christina & Izabella)

Role Play EscortsRylee - VIP Role Play EscortSlim British Blonde VIP EscortStephanie - Tall Blonde English Escort (Girl Next Door)Charlet - 34D Busty Black Escort (Naughty Nurse)Maddison - Tall 36DD Busty English Escort (Strict Female Boss)Pariis - Super Busty Mixed Race Escort  (Sexy French Maid)Lara - Sexy Blonde English Escort (Naughty Nurse)Brianna - Tall Black British Escort (Strict Female Boss)Luciana - VIP Spanish Sexy Secretary EscortKiera - Busty Mixed Race Escort (Sexy Secretary)Tiffany - Busty English Redhead Escort (Girl Next Door)Anita - Portuguese Busty Role Play EscortAriande - Petite Blonde Spanish Escort In LondonNaughty Nurse EscortIzabella - 34G Busty English Escort (Sexy Secretary)

Our role play escorts in London as you can see are the most beautiful ladies in the city. They are the most popular escort companions in the city.

  • Rylee (Sexy Secretary) - When it comes to energy, passion and excitement, this South American beauty brings it all. She has such a vibrant and friendly personality that you instantly feel comfortable in her luxurious presence. With the most beautiful hazel eyes that will make you weak at the knees, she is the perfect exotic role play escort in London. There is a wonderful effervescence about her; a lady of finesse and unmatched style. You will not want your outcall experience to come to an end. Rylee is the perfect fantasy companion.
  • Robin is a chameleon of role play escorts in London as she plays so many fantasy roles so perfectly. When there are moments in your day when you require imagination to become a companionship only escort experience reality - Robin is your lady. She is a very smart, imaginative and vivacious beauty who takes great pride in escorting. She is always geared to providing the most memorable companionship experience and she is a wonderfully talented actress.
  • Stephanie (Girl Next Door) - This tall, sexy and vivacious blonde beauty has sexy natural good looks and the cheekiest of smiles. She is an attentive date who knows how to put a smile on your face.
  • Charlet (Naughty Nurse) - She is a fiery 34D busty black British escort who has powerful self-confidence and fabulous natural beauty. This busty ebony vixen has the most insanely curvaceous sexy figure. This luxuriously elegant VIP companion provides the wildest companionship only role play escort service. She is a flirtatious woman who instantly commands absolute respect. There is sensually powerful and mysteriously intense seductiveness about her which intrigues everybody she meets.
  • Maddison (Strict Female Boss)- A luxuriously elegant, tall and super busty highly-attractive English beauty She is a really powerfully confident woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life - and always goes for it. This supremely buxom English beauty provides the most romantically intense companionship only 'Strict Female Boss' outcall. She is really demanding and you will have to make sure that you meet every single one of her expectations.
  • Pariis (Sexy French Maid) is a really sophisticated, fiery and outgoing mixed race lady who has magnificently captivating natural beauty. This busty fantasy mixed race companion provides an intensely fun-fuelled date, full of imaginative romantic surprises.
  • Lara (Naughty Nurse) is one of the sexiest and alluring curvaceous blonde English escorts in the whole of London. Her wildly adventurous 'Naughty Nurse' companionship only outcall is the most exciting, attentive and the classiest role play, fantasy outcall experience.
  • Brianna (Strict Female Boss) is one of the sexiest tall black British escorts who provides intense fantasy inspired discreet outcalls. This insanely perfectly curvaceous British ebony escort has a really fiery personality. Also a powerfully sexy, commanding presence. She is naturally confident person and knows exactly what she wants in life. She loves to boss guys about and certainly always gets her own way.
  • Luciana (Sexy Secretary) is one of the most naturally beautiful and petite Spanish role play escorts in the UK. This slim brunette minx looks amazing in everything she wears as her figure has absolutely perfect curves.
  • Kiera (Sexy Secretary) is a naturally busty mixed race companion with the most sensationally sexy curvaceous figure. She provides a magnificently sophisticated sexy secretary role play escort service throughout London and exclusive UK regions. This foxy woman has a a genuine air of confidence about her which follows her everywhere. She is truly flirtatious, genuinely elegant and highly-adventurous individual. Her intensely naughty imagination makes your time in her classy company really exciting. Her luxuriously glamorous style, wonderful charisma and lavish lifestyle, makes her the ultimate fantasy escort companion.
  • Tiffany (Girl Next Door) is a really pretty and petite English redhead who has the sexiest and most extensive collection of fantasy escort clothing. This classy yet really lively petite role play escort has the most radiant and cheekiest smile. Tiffany really makes an effort to look amazing so your companionship only experience will be unforgettable.
  • Anita (Multiple Fantasies) is a naturally attractive British/Portuguese minx with an absolutely sexy figure. She has a lots of really sexy outfits that she loves to wear. This busty Portuguese babe provides an imaginative and thrill-seeking variety of role play escort services in London.
  • Ariadne (Girl Next Door) is one of the sexiest blonde VIP Spanish escort in the UK. this delightfully pretty blonde beauty has the most perfectly shaped figure. She has a wonderfully creative, yet sometimes slightly naughty imagination and always loves to dress stylishly.
  • Christina (Naughty Nurse) is a powerfully pretty Spanish beauty who has one of the most beautiful smiles ever. This smile can light up an entire room. However, looks can sometimes be deceiving and behind it is a really naughty, impressively open-minded and adventurous lady. This busty beauty provides the hottest companionship only naughty nurse role play outcall.
  • Izabella (Sexy Secretary) is an insanely buxom 34G English brunette beauty who is one of London's bustiest role play escorts. This sensationally sexy, super busty VIP companion provides the most thrill-seeking Sexy Secretary role play outcall. She really lives up to the tough demands of being a secretary and knows it is really important to impress the boss (you). You may have discuss with her about her interesting work attire as she sometimes wears really low cut tops.

Imagination Is The Key To Role Play

This is one of the most imaginative and daring companionship only escort services available. Everybody has their own individual companionship requirements and desires, which can be possibly be incorporated into your escort date. Maybe you would like to adopt a specific role. A hero, maybe even a James Bond type persona or even a famous celebrity. You can be who you have always dreamed being for an evening and your date can become your sexy dream lady.

We provide the following exciting role play escort services in London:

  • Naughty Nurses - Your escort will enthusiastically dress up as a really sexy, kinky nurse. If you are feeling slightly under the weather(in your fantasy), they have the perfect, exciting remedy for you. If you have a specific fetish for sexy nurses; maybe you would like to dress up as one yourself? There are a wide range of the sexiest naughty nurse outfits that your escort can wear.
  • Strict Female Bosses - If you adore the company of a dominant, attractive lady, then these stylishly dressed women ensure they are will be always strict with you. Maybe you are an overworked high powered boss yourself like an executive but wish to know what the shoe is like on the other foot. It is your time to be truly bossed around, to meet the toughest deadlines and make sure that your boss is always happy.
  • French Maids - Fancy a bit of sexy spring cleaning with an intensely erotic edge to it? You can simply put your feet up with a lovely cup of tea (or glass of champagne) while a really beautiful escort does a bit of naughty spring cleaning.
  • Sexy Secretaries - Maybe every gentleman's fantasy to a certain extent. They are the boss and they have a really sexy secretary, who always loves to wear an insanely short skirt. Whoops, she has dropped her pen on the floor. She may have to really bend down to slowly pick it back up. Maybe you like the sexy short skirt and really sophisticated glasses look. They can wear their hair up in a bunch or wear their hair down.
  • Girl Next Door - The ultimate companionship only GFE escort companion. These pretty ladies are have such amazing fun-loving presence and natural beauty. They don't have to apply hundreds of layers of make-up to look beautiful. They are just simply naturally attractive ladies who look fabulous in every outfit they wear. They are fun -loving, very down to earth and know how to have fun. They provide companionship only outcalls that are romantically daring.

Other Role Play Ideas

There are other role play scenarios which can be successfully incorporated into a fantasy-orientated escort service. The first is the amazing 'Superhero' theme. There are so hundreds of superheroes to choose from. You can be the tough Dark Knight and dress up as the caped crusader - Batman. This character has always had a really intriguing relationship with 'Catwoman'. Maybe your escort can dress up as this seductive leather-clad minx. These are scenarios which can be simply incorporated into an escort service. They are ideal for fans of this huge comic genre. There are many stores that sell fantasy escort clothing so the list of superheroes is endless. Obviously, you have 'uniform' escort services which incorporate a wide range of dating fantasies. If you are in 'alpha' mode you can play king of the true 'King Of The Jungle' Tarzan. You can rush to the rescue of Jane (your fantasy escort). Please note; your loincloth is not included (a bit of humour for you, but also true). Maybe you wish to try something more modern and acting out the characters of a romantic comedy. Maybe you fancy yourself as a wealthy millionaire type character out of the Pretty Woman film? You may require your escort date to dress up as a top Hollywood actress?

Escort Rates Are:

1 hour - from £140

Additional hours - from £100

Overnight - from £800

Call 07775300878 if you require a beautiful, fantasy orientated escort date in London.