Gluten Free Croissants

Did you know that it is thought that up to 2% of dinner date escorts have coeliac disease. This correlates to the actual percentage of coeliac sufferers in the UK. Living with a form of gluten intolerance can be really challenging. It is filled with many obstacles. If you didn't know, this disease can be debilitating as sufferers own immune system attacks their own tissues when they eat gluten. It can be damaging to the gut. Trying to find gluten free snacks and cuisines which are tasty can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Interesting fact: Did you know it takes 1 hour to make 3 gluten free croissants. With our busy lifestyles today, nobody has the time to make their own croissants. With the emergence of food and snack delivery services, people can get their favourite meal or takeaway snack, at the touch of a button. Unfortunately for coeliac sufferers, they do not have this luxury. Many fine dining escorts who are gluten free often find that they can go through a week, just eating the safe set of foods, which enable them to live with coeliac disease. Some days when it comes to taste, their diet can be on the underwhelming side. These are beautiful ladies who have so much pizazz and luxuriousness about them - the last thing they need is a lack of tasty gluten free snacks to keep their vibrant personalities going. In this fast paced world, it can be difficult to shop and eat healthy. We have seen the introduction of meat-free and plant based meals. However when it comes to finding tasty snacks, not even on a national scale, but having a local gluten free bakery for example.... in many towns and cities across the UK, they are non-existent. So imagine a dinner date companion who is trying to manage a restrictive dietary lifestyle, while trying to to successfully be a fine dining companion. Not every restaurant, however lavish has an extensive or even an existing range of gluten free cuisine/dishes. So at least 2% of escorts struggle not only to maintain a diet which is tasty (due to the lack to tasty gluten free snacks and meals readily available in in the UK - but they also have to struggle with being booked to go to exclusive restaurants which may not have a menu with suitable cuisine or dishes. But with the emergence of your equivalent of what you would call an online gluten bakery, there is hope. Some fine dining companions are resorting to just surviving on the brilliance of what are thought to be the 'gold mines' of the gluten free snack world in the UK. Everything about these ladies radiate elegance and luxuriousness. So only the best gluten free croissants will do. The gourmet range of such flaky, and layered gluten free pastry goodness. Just picture the crunch of a gourmet croissant, then the soft-layered centre of buttery goodness.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the croissant has a remarkably intriguing history and origin. Did you know the croissant originated in Austria and was known by a different name. It was only until an Austrian Artillery Officer called August Zang who opened up a lovely Viennese bakery in Paris. Even though it is thought (by some, maybe even more than some people, that it was in fact the legendary Marie Antoinette who brought it to France. Who is going to bring the gluten free croissants to the UK? Who has the insight, vision and bravery to bring it to the UK shores.

Did everybody manage to celebrate National Croissant Day which was we know was on January 30, 2022. If you didn't then why not try something different. Find the best gluten free bakery online and order some gluten free croissants. Do something different for the day and let those taste buds run riot.

Gluten Free and Proud - We Love Croissants!

Like anything in life, it is all about awareness and education. You may be unfamiliar about what it is like living with gluten intolerance. There is a wealth of information out there regarding symptoms, treatments, dietary plans etc It is highly recommended that you consult a medical professional if you think you are gluten intolerant. They can best advise you and actually do a test to determine if you are indeed a coeliac diseases sufferer. Changing diet doesn't always mean you have to lead a very restrictive life when it comes to what you eat. We, yes humans, tend to want to eat things which are tasty. That is how high we have set the bar as humanity. But when you have to restrict or follow a stricter diet you find, you have to start lowering the bar when it comes to taste. Many gluten free sufferers have to contend with people not truly understanding much about it. When it comes restaurants, pubs and bars, if you are looking for an extensive gluten-free selection of meals/snacks/cuisines then you are likely to be disappointment. Even supermarkets who have started a gluten free range have a rather restricted and underwhelming one.

But do not worry because there is hope in the way by the emergence of online gluten free bakeries. Just imagine tasting the most crumbly, yet soft in the centre, mouth-watering, palette entertaining gluten free croissants ever! Here is a quick question for you. If you are a person who loves the continental style breakfast and you just adore pastries. Also, you suffer from coeliac disease. How do you feel at about the lack of suitable snacks and pastries that you can eat that will not negatively impact your immune system.

Again nobody has the time to go and source the exact right ingredients, then spend hours perfecting how to make gluten free snacks. Then having to spend days on end trying to perfect the taste of say for example... a gluten free croissant... that even if made correctly from scratch will take 1 hour to just make three croissants. Nobody has that time on their hands... not even billionaires. So the average mortal must draw upon the knowledge of the ancestors, as it literally is a hunt to find any decent, tasty gluten free snacks anywhere in the UK. If you are a dinner date escort who suffers from coeliac disease and is struggling, contact your GP for advice on how to manage living with this disease. Again, they are qualified and knowledgeable and can help refer you to the correct specialists and nutritionists.