Cheating On Your Girlfriend

There has been so many studies and polls done on the in the UK when it comes to men cheating on their girlfriends. However it is important to stress that nearly just as women cheat on their boyfriends. There are various reasons why men cheat. Sometimes it is just down to having incompatible sex drives. If their girlfriend has a low one, then they may seek comfort outside the relationship in that department. Communication is key, but sometimes there is no communication on the matter and it spirals out of control. Some men cheat as revenge for being cheated on. Do two wrongs make a right? On reflection it is often the case that revenge doesn't make the person who was cheated on initially, feel any better. Some guys just like the excitement of the chase. They love meeting new women and one girlfriend simply is not enough for them. Some men cheat simply because they do. They think if their other half does not find out, then there is no real harm done.

Does Your Ego Need A Boost?
Some men just cheat because it is a quick fix to boost their ego. Actually some have very low self esteem and by cheating they seek to boost it. Often the boost to their ego is short lived, so they have to go and pursue another woman. Some think being with one person too long diminishes their masculinity. Many are just opportunists. If it can happen and the situation just presents itself, then they will jump at the chance. Another short lived, ego boosting thing. Others feel a lack of appreciation in the relationship. Some women can take their boyfriends for granted. When a man feels unloved, he will seek affection elsewhere. it is hard to keep the spark alive. After first meeting, that romantic period where everything is magical soon evaporates. Then there is the "she has let herself go". Maybe she has put on weight or does not wear as much make up. some guys use that feeble excuse to justify cheating.

Emotional cheating
You will find some guys who lack attention and affection in their relationship turn to escort services. With companionship only services the interaction isn't physical. However they connect with the escort on an emotional level. With GFE (girlfriend experience) escort services the escort acts as a fantasy girlfriend. Sometimes when the guy's girlfriend finds out he has gone on a date with an escort, she is really upset. It is the emotional betrayal that they have gone to the effort to meet another woman. Have you ever booked an escort while you are in a relationship?