Emotionally Cheating With Escorts

There are some men and women in marriages /relationships that see escorts. Many of them book companionship only escort services where there is no physical or sexual interaction. They solely book an escort to go out for dinner, for lunch, a drink or some special party or occasion. Unfortunately many people find themselves in loveless marriages for one reason or another. You could be a gentleman who over the years has drifted apart from their wife and hardly ever talk. These things happen and it puts stress on the person involved. They may have reached out to their partner and expressed how alone in the marriage they feel. Divorce is not an option as they love their partner but they find they hardly have anything in common and hardly interact. Their partner may not interact with them for various reasons. Marriage counselling may have been discussed but never been implemented. Again this may make the neglected person feel unloved, unappreciated and very much alone. Everybody wants human interaction on some level and obviously they expect that from the person they are married to. So when that no longer becomes an option, they may opt to book the company of an escort. They may have a stressful job where all they are looking for is a friendly ear to listen about how their day went. They could be into fine dining but their wife always cancels dinner plans with them. After a while that neglect can drive somebody to seek interaction outside the marriage. They often discreetly book escorts behind their partners backs and go on simple dates. They find their motional needs are fulfilled and somehow a weird balance is created. One that makes them become dependent on escorts to fullfil their emotional needs. However emotions are a powerful thing and sometimes escort clients can end up falling in love, with a particular escort. When this all comes out in the open the partner often feels that their they have been emotionally cheated upon. The irony being even if that person has been very cold or distant in their marriage, they still feel emotionally their partner has cheated with an escort.

However some married men still see escorts even if there are no major problems in their marriage. Some men just like being in the company of beautiful women. They still love their wife but may find that they still need that 'buzz' of being in the company of a new woman. It could b argued that they are not suited to marriage or are finding it hard to adjust. Where they may have hobbies and interests where their wife is not enthusiastic about - they find they need companionship for those things to be fulfilled. If you are a theatre lover and your wife hates going to the theatre, you may feel at first a bit resentful. You may show involvement in things that you are not particularly interested in to show love and support for your wife. When that support is not returned you may feel hurt or under appreciated. So you may book a theatre escort companion to accompany you to see a show and maybe go out for a meal afterwards. Simple company that you feel you deserve, especially if you work hard. It has been discussed in many topics online in escort related forums that sometimes escorts save marriages. It is a controversial topic where some people are adamant that husbands who see escorts are wrecking their marriage. Others and surprisingly including some wives, say that their husband seeing an escort actually saved their marriage. They view the escort playing a vital role seeing to the emotional needs of their husband. Usually for a time period where they couldn't emotionally be there for their partner.

Everybody needs that emotional interaction and connection with somebody in their lives. Maybe you are contemplating booing an escort date as you are stuck in a boring relationship.