Can Escorts Save Marriages

Quite a controversial topic, but one that has been debated online at some length. When people get married they are at the height of their love and admiration for each other. They may have had small ups and downs on the way, but that is normal with every relationship. Sometimes opposites attract. Some people describe themselves as being 'chalk and cheese'. So whilst they may not share similar interests just their admiration for each other nullifies that. When they get married they ride a wave of heightened happiness. they want to spend every moment with each other and their commitment to marriage seems unbreakable. However enter reality and everyday life, work, friends and hobbies can make people grow apart. Whilst at the start of the marriage having different interest seemed endearing; unhappiness can creep in. Maybe one person in the marriage may have slightly more intellectual interests. While maybe the husband wants to go out to the theatre and the opera, the wife may just want to watch television. It may be fine to start with but then when it always becomes a compromise, people can start to drift apart. Maybe the wife does not like going to parties and is a bit of a recluse. Does the husband not go, just to please the wife. There are many escort services for married men. Simply based on being able to accompany them socially because the wife has lost all interest.

Some Wives Mind, Some Wives Don't

There is mixed reactions online to the issue. It is always a question posed by a wife in an online forum. There are not many husbands posting that their wife are seeing escorts. Many wives often find out that their husband has either contacted an escort or has been seeing one. Nearly all the posts are by women. the general response is that a husband seeing an escort can more destroy than save a marriage. Take for example this thread on an online forum. However everybody is looking at it in the context of an escort service that goes further than just companionship only. If that happens it can open up a whole can of worms. Unless in the rare situation where the wife welcomes it. However just consider for one second, men seeing escorts purely on a companionship only basis. Say a wife is just not interested in the hobbies and social life of their husband anymore. Rather than see them unhappy they could opt for him to go on a date with an escort. That way she doesn't have to go to a party or place the husband likes going to. He gets to go and have some delightful company. Therefore everybody is happy. So again if the escort only provides companionship only services then it could help save a marriage in that regard.

Marriages again all comes down to compromise. Some people may not want even just on a social level for their husband to meet another lady. Some women are very territorial over their men. However they can not have it both ways many people are saying on discussion boards. You can't deny him happiness and then be unwilling to make him happy. So there has to be some give and take if they are experiencing problems. However the bigger picture is being missed. If people are experience marriage problems they should go and see a professional marriage counsellor. There is no shame in admitting that a relationship has hit a rocky patch. If you are in that position then maybe consider going to Relate.

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