Men Who Pay For Sex

Recent studies that have been reported in many major tabloids is the study about men who pay for sex. It was found on average between 'one in nine' and 'one in ten' men said that they have paid for sex. these figures have found to be startling, as that means that surely men who are married or in relationships, must be doing this. When you read the articles and look at the demographics reported, they all lean towards a certain type of gentlemen who is most likely to pay for sex. That gentleman is one who is in a position of authority, like a manager or director of a company etc In regards to an age bracket it falls between the ages of 25 and 34. So you have young professionals, with ore than the national average of disposable income who are more prone to meet prostitutes. Another vital parameter that has to be considered in all of this are men who also have a high number of sexual partners. This plays an important role as well. When it comes to sexual health these men make up just under 16% of men diagnosed with an STD. However there is said to be no direct correlation between the STD rate and them using prostitutes. This is because they have a higher than national average amount of sexual partners in their lifetime.

So why do these men turn to prostitutes? Do they visit them for all the same reasons? Is there an underlying reason why men use prostitutes? Well the study showed that it isn't as clear cut as you would think. For many sex is not the number one reason they visit prostitutes. For many men it is to do with having a connection with a woman. That connection can be more real and intense to them, as opposed to just meeting some random women at a bar. There is an emotional need for sexual companionship. Think of a scenario where a young man has been out on the town hoping to meet a woman. He has not been successful and add in the alcohol, he feels low in self esteem and a bit emotional. He wants to have that sexual connection with a woman but he just is not great at meeting woman at bars. He may have confidence issue and not had that many girlfriends. Week after week with no success with the ladies, mounts up pressures. There is so many pressures in life for men and one thing that dominates as a trait of a successful man - is success with the ladies. So there will be a breaking point where many men who have never even considered to pay to pay for sex, will.

There are some older men who for whatever reason find themselves not in a situation of independence. In today's society everybody has certain expectations for a man. They move out of their parents hoe, get a job, have several girlfriends and one day get married. Some men do not follow that trend and may even at the age of 45 still find themselves living with their parents. So the opportunity to meet women and bring them back home is not an option. So they opt to meet a prostitute and pay for sex. Then you get men who are in relationships or in fact married. There could be any reasons why they meet up with prostitutes. It could be a mismatch in sex drives where their wife or girlfriend ha a very low sex drive. a more common reason is that they are simply unhappy in their relationship or marriage. One interesting other talking point that can be highlighted is the difference between escort services and prostitution. Many people think the two overlap when in both true capacities they are not the same. Escort services are for time and companionship only, where prostitution is the purely sexual services. Some see the two overlap due to the fact some prostitutes pretend to be escorts. With the birth of the internet it has seen many use that disguise in a more professional, visual sense. When it comes to men who pay for sex there is an interesting article on the Telegraph online website, which is a very good read.


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