Spotting Your Escort In Public

For escort services, discretion is key. Certainly for the man or woman booking an escort. So the same should apply the other way round if you see spot that escort in public. Escorts come from all classes, races and backgrounds and have different personal circumstances in their life. Some are happily married and their partner knows they are an escort. Some are private people, they may work in the escort industry but nobody knows. You can usually tell who they are when you look on the internet and see them in a picture with their face blurred. They may not want anybody to know what they do. So when you spot an escort in public who yo have dated the best thing to do is not acknowledge them. You don't know their personal circumstances and they too deserve the same level of discretion.

An important point to raise as well, is the fact that outside the "escort date", they have no reason to acknowledge you. Some clientele can't understand that and that is when you get into the territory of stalking. Unwanted attention outside of a escort booking. So it is clear that you have to know the boundaries and if an escort is unsure a client knows them or not - let them know. it is all about fantasy when it comes to escorting. Rarely will you find an escort uses her real name on a website. It is the same like an entertainer. They have an entertainer name and then their real name. So you have to differentiate between the fantasy world of escorting and the real world.

You have to look the issue from another perspective. Say you booked an escort service a year ago when you were single. You are now in a relationship; you've not necessarily told anybody (including your current partner) that you have ever met an escort. So how would you feel if that escort came up and said hello to you in public and started talking about your time together? You will feel that your privacy has been intruded and could feel possibly embarrassed.

So no matter how eager you are to go and say hello. Even if it is just to be polite because you have spotted them in public - just refrain from doing so. If they acknowledge you first and come over to say hello; it us up to you to respond back. Again it is a two way street. Some escorts that are new may not understand the level of discretion involved and the professionalism attributed to it. So if you find one sees you in public and you are with somebody, simply walk in the other direction. If you see the escort again you could explain how you like to keep that side of your life private.

Here are some tips if you spot your escort in public.:

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