What Makes A Top London Escort?

When it comes to escorts in the UK, London has the most independents and escort agencies. If you are an escort based in the UK capital, then their is countless competition. Obviously there is going to be an elite, small group of independents that everybody regards as the best. So how do you become a top London escort? What does it take? Well you need unique, top attributes that differentiates you from the rest. Escorts who were former fashion or glamour models, have that initial edge over others. Porn star escorts have the most appeal. Former adult film stars have that existing fan base. So when they make the transition to the escorting world, they become an instant star. Having a certain level of fame gives you a head start on your path to becoming a top escort in London. Fans of their movies now have the amazing chance to go on a date with them. The excitement of their transition from adult entertainment will be heavily over social media. So in fact they could become an overnight escort superstar.

They will have the most professional pictures and are generally that more naturally beautiful. As an independent the ability to have the best pictures for your website and online ads is essential. A top London escort will always get new photos taken by a professional photographer. Not just any photographer but one who specialises in the adult / glamour industry. If you are a potential client you will gravitate towards escorts who have the highest quality pictures. Opposes to somebody ho has taken their pictures from a smart phone or cheap camera. A top London escort will have a professional website designed and marketed for them. The UK escort industry is heavily web based online. So when potential clients are surfing the web they will associate an escort's professionalism and importance by the quality of their website. Also top escorts have professional online marketing consultants who ensure they are placed high on major search engine results. The higher up the search results you are, the ore seriously you are taken. Especially by first ti clients who are searching online, to book an escort service. You can not be regarded as a top London escort unless you are popular have lots of bookings. That does not happen by magic but by having the right escort SEO and web design team.

When it comes to beauty, you have to be exceptionally attractive. So powerful just one glance in your direction will make anybody stop and stare. Natural beauty is something you either have or do not. Good looks go a long way. You also have to have an exceptionally gorgeous figure as well. A typical beach body, slim, yet still curvaceous figure. So whatever outfit you wear people are just left in total awe of you. All the top escorts provide elite or VIP escort services, This is the most luxurious level of escorting that only the most discerning, wealthy and important client choose. So you have to have that natural confidence and experience of leading a luxurious lifestyle. You have to be sophisticated, intelligent and intellectual. That is why the top London escorts are always degree educated and have always had an affluent life. They are accustomed to being around and socialising with posh people. Going to swanky dinner parties and prestigious events is natural for them. Here is a list of important things individuals have to consider if they want to be a top London escort.

  1. (Personality) - Looks will only get you so far as an escort, but personality really makes the difference on a date. If you are not a conversationalist or a 'people person' then very quickly people will grow very tired of your uninspiring company. So you have to connect with 'you'. Be confident in who you are. Connect with your inner-self. Lead a life full f fun and adventure. Make sure you are living life to the full and have that vibrant fun energy about you.
  2. (Amazing Natural Beauty) - You either have natural beauty or you don't. It is the type of beauty that doesn't require you to put in lots of effort to look gorgeous or handsome. Ladies who possess natural beauty like to ensure that their attractiveness is complimented by them really putting effort into their appearance and figure. So going to the gym, leading a healthy lifestyle (gym, yoga, fitness) and making sure they follow a strict beauty regime. So going for spa days, going to the top hair salons and even getting a personal trainer ensures you always look amazing.
  3. (Exquisite Fashion Sense) - Top London escorts often get invited to the most prestigious events, functions, galas, dinners and parties. So you have to visually look the part and fit in to all affluent environments. That means understanding the latest fashion, the attire for the posh events you'll be attending and also what is the exact attire for specific events. So going to the opera will require certain elegant dresses as opposed to going to a VIP nightclub or champagne bar.
  4. (The Lifestyle) - You can't fake being elegant, sophisticated and lavish in the most prestigious of circles. You have to live the lifestyle. It starts in your mind, believing they deserve the finer things in life. That means you will pamper yourself and only expect the best of anything in every walk of life.
  5. (Confidence) - If you are not confident then you won't be able to be a top London escort. Confidence is everything. How you talk, how you interact - basically every aspect of yourself has to breathe confidence.

So if you are thinking of becoming an escort - do you have what it takes to become a top one?


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