Are There Cheap Escort Services In London?

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Have you heard of that saying that you don;t get something for nothing? Well when it comes to escort services in London, that certainly rings true. With such a big rise in agencies and independents, it has led to such competitiveness. Price wars are the main factor with many agencies thinking, if they can "undercut" their competitors, they can get more bookings. With the new agencies that certainly seems to be the trend. However for a prospective client when they see these new ones showcase VIP services; a big question mark has to come up. Can an agency that is providing VIP incalls or outcalls that cost from £140 per hour, be as good as those that charge more than twice as much?

The £90 Outcall

Really, £90... that is what many gentlemen say to themselves when they see these prices advertised. Gone were the days where £110 outcalls seemed to be the cheapest in London. There soon came a wave where every new London escort agency had £100 outcalls. as for independents, you just take a look an the AdultWork website and see services for as little as £40. Anybody would think the world has gone mad. The very best in any service will be expensive as you are paying for quality. There is no difference when it comes to escorting. There are so many agencies and independents and many are wandering when this bubble is going to burst. The most established are the most expensive when it comes to their escort rates. Their VIP escorts provide their service throughout the most affluent areas n central London to an elite clientele. So are there any cheap VIP escort services? Yes, but the bigger question, is "Are there any good cheap escort services?"

Are They Any Good?

Well like anything you pay for what you get and if you expect quality you have to pay for it. It is equivalent of trying to find a cheap Porsche or BMW. You would expect something to not be quite right and the quality to not be as if you brought it fresh from a direct showroom. So booking a cheaper VIP escort service has to be taken with a pinch of salt. If they are the very best escorts in London, then you would not de-value it in any way, certainly by price. The more longer established agencies have had time to build up their service and find the very best companions. the newer agencies that slash the prices of VIP escorts are not as established or experienced in the market. Certainly in a financial aspect for clientele it can be, but when it comes down to the actual service they may be very disappointed indeed. It really depends on the quality of the service provided and clients won't know until they book them. If you want quality and the best VIP companionship then the trusted and longer established escort services in London are the better option.