What To Wear On A Dinner Date

So you have booked a date with a dinner date escort at a posh restaurant. you have checked the reservation and everything is OK. However there is one more thing you have to make sure you get right. That is what to wear for the occasion. Well if you are going to an expensive restaurant you have to ensure you follow their dress code. The last thing you want to happen is that you are turned away from the restaurant For one you have to pay a cancellation fee for the escort booking. Secondly it will be an embarrassing experience for you. So the big question is - what do you wear. Well many restaurants require smart dress. It does not mean you have to rent a tuxedo for the mal. However you have to fully understand what smart dress is. Your escort will undoubtedly be dressed in a very smart evening dress, their hair will be immaculate and thy will wear, classy, expensive shoes. Probably sporting a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. So what does the gentlemen wear for the dinner date. Well you must ensure that you wear a smart shirt. Tie is optional for many restaurants, but some do require you wear a black tie. You can never go wrong with a smart suit. Make sure your shoes are new, clean and shiny. Many women judge a man on how clean their shoes are.

What Not To Wear

Well there are several items of clothing you should avoid wearing. Jeans is a big NO, as even the smartest pair of jeans ay see you turned away from top restaurants. Trainers are also something you should not wear. Even the smartest looking of trainers can get you turned away. If you are quite the flamboyant dresser you ay want to stay away from really loud, crazy T-shirts. You could opt for a plan, smart sweatshirt in the worst case scenario. A smart high fashion couture V necked jumper always goes well with a smart suit jacket. Many men like to wear expensive silk shirts. The lass patterned the better, as less is certainly ore in the fashion stakes. There are a few expensive restaurants however that allow smart trainers and smart jeans. However you really have to double check their dress code policy before turning up there dressed in jeans and trainers.

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