Katie Waisell's Grandmother Is Allegedly An Escort

Katie Waisell raised to fame in the UK as a contestant on ITV1's X Factor. This controversial contestant did seem to have a hard time on the singing competition. She also got a mixed reaction from the general public at the time. What caused further controversy was when various newspapers started writing stories allegedly that her grandmother was an escort. What followed was a unique Channel 4 documentary that was aired regarding mature escorts. The documentary was called 'My Granny The Escort'. It featured a lady called Sheila Vogel, who at the time was aged over 80. The programme was about really mature and older women who where involved in escorting. What was intriguing about that situation was that she chose to do a TV interview with ITV's 'This Morning' daytime show. any people watched the show and again lots of people where sharing their opinions online. Now in July 2016, Celebrity Big Brother is back. Katie Waisell is a 'house mate' in the show and newspapers again turning their attention to her grandmother. They are allege that Sheila Vogel is still working as a mature escort in the UK.

Is This Information In The Public's Interest?

It's fair to when Katie Waisell was on X Factor, the press did focus on her as a contestant. Whether or whether not her grandmother is actually an escort - is that vital knowledge for the public. It is in the public's best interest? Surely there are other more important news stories. It is said that many newspapers have tried to approach Sheila for a comment. At a time where Katie is now in the spotlight again for a TV show, she won't appreciate all the media speculation surrounding her grandmother. It is not the first time an escort related story has been connected to a Big Brother contestant. Former escort Helen Wood won a series of big brother. Again she was another controversial contestant but has gone on to be a columnist. She was most recently in the news regarding a scandal involving herself and an unnamed actor. At the time the media where focused on the rights and wrongs of 'superinjunctions'. Also it begs the question - why can celebrities hide behind superinjunctions and the general public cant?



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