Feeling Guilty About Booking Escorts

You have either come across an article in a woman's magazine of some fancy newspaper's lifestyle column about a disgruntled wife who has found out her husband has been seeing escorts. However with more and more of these articles arising has anyone ever stopped to think about the man's perspective on all this? Is it as clear cut a case as you will pre-conceive it to be? There are a wide range of reasons why men book escorts. However how many men feel guilty for using escort services? What brings on the guilt. Is it a sense of betrayal to towards their partner? How about this as a scenario. A man who has put his career on hold to assist his career driven wife. As she climbs the business world ladder, he finds that she has less and less time for him. First it starts off with coming home late. Then she has to travel away on business for long periods of time. Then she can't make his birthday celebration. Then it's the anniversary that has been missed; another cancellation. He talks about how he feels neglected and she reassures him things will change but never do. He generally misses that basic female company and thinks he is not appreciated. They try and salvage some time together. He books a table at a lovely restaurant but in the afternoon she cancels. If he decides he does not want the evening to go to waste and books an escort for a dinner date ... Should he feel guilty?

The level of guilt is down to the individual and the circumstances. If you are a newly wed but on your honeymoon you decide to sneak off and meet up with an escort, then the majority of clear thinking people will think that is not on. Your time should be dedicated to your new wife. What about being a man in a loveless marriage where you sleep in a separate bed from your wife. she is cold, pays you little attention and belittles you. Are you going to feel guilty for meeting up with an escort. Given the situation it has to be analysed to see of it warrants any guilt on the person meeting up with an escort. There are some escorts and agencies that go beyond an escort service and provide that "extras". So basically not the companionship only service but something beyond the boundaries of the service. When it gets to that level and a man is in a committed relationship, then his guilt is well founded. There is the obvious betrayal but there could be some deeper rooted reasons for his behaviour. The relationship could be thwart with so many problems and this could be an act of desperation some instance of happiness; even though quite brief.

Some gentlemen are addicted to escort services. That could even be part of a porn addiction as it goes beyond the romantic companionship element to more objectifying women. However for that very reason they could feel guilty and that stems not just from their escort fascination. Many men struggle with porn addiction and the worst part for many is admitting to themselves that they have one. It could have become such a common part of their everyday lifestyle that it goes unnoticed as an addiction. So just like that when it comes to the escort market the realization of the problem often follows a massive weave of guilt on the man's behalf.

So here are some thinking points to think if guilt is warranted in the following circumstances:

What do you think? Are there times for guilt and then times for celebration?